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For my first spoon, I used a gouge, a mallet, a spokeshave, a straight knife and a hook knife, with assistance from my bandsaw. I already had the gouge, spokeshave and mallet, but I bought the carving knives specifically to make spoons. The blade is sharp along the entire curve of the hook, making it perfect for shaping spoons. With my new knives, a few other tools and a piece of poplar, I’m ready to get started making a spoon!
Draw the rough shape of a spoon on top of the poplar, including the outside and inside shape of the bowl of the spoon. Here’s a tip: Leave the wood longer than the length of the spoon so you have more area to clamp. Learn all about the art of woodturning with our FREE PDF eGuide Woodturning Basics for Beginners.

Explore the art of carving spoons from green wood harvested in our own backyard.  Use two simple hand tools (straight knife and hook knife) and a little time and practice to create functional and beautiful wooden spoons. Using the natural growth from where a branch leaves the main trunk, you can make a very strong, yet thin and delicate, usable spoon.
After looking around online at several great examples of carving knives, I arrived at the knives made by Del Stubbs at Pine Wood Forge in Leonard, Minnesota.
After practicing these cuts, you will first make a butter spreader and then move on to traditional spoons.
Experient with stirring spoons, eating spoons, ladles, scoops, big spoons, small spoons or totally weird, non-functional spoons. I’ll bet you anything that when you finish, you’ll immediately start to think of the next spoon you want to make. There are a few places on a spoon that can be particularly challenging: the outside curve of the bowl, the transition from the bottom of the inside of the bowl to the sides, and the transitions from the bowl to the stem.

This class is taught by Jim Sannerud, who has over 25 years of woodworking experience, including a number of study trips to Sweden.
On the side of the spoon, draw the profile, showing the underside curve of the bowl and the shape of the stem. With the piece still a rough rectangle, I chose to cut the bottom profile first, then cut the left side of the spoon and then the right side.

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