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17.09.2014, admin  
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I have a pediment (5ft long X 20"H) coming in and I plan to make a jig that will sit on top of the bench and hold the piece at an angle. The time spent making a solid jig to hold a piece in an ideal position is well worth the effort to allow easier and faster carving. Flat pieces could be easily mounted to board that is screwed to the top flange and it would allow them to be rotated for relief carving.

The current configuration appears to work well and will get a good trial when I travel to a carving seminar next weekend. Now I have a whole lot of carving work coming up that is going to require a lot of hours carving. I will be carving a whole lot of cabriole legs (knees and feet), some apron and bonnet carvings for several pieces and a few cartouches.

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