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The most important variable in paddle design is the surface area (pulling power) of the blade.
For touring, many canoeists find that they have a optimum blade surface area that balances speed and maneuverability against the rate at which they become fatigued.
We supply blade patterns of these three popular blade designs customized to the surface area that you specify. Plans are delivered as .pdf files that you can print out in sections on a standard A4 printer and glue directly to your wood as a pattern for cutting out.

The plans come with patterns for all the shaping templates you will need (grip, throat and blade tip) and suggested shaft dimensions including the position of 8-siding guidelines.
Tandem paddlers with radically different pulling powers can sometimes achieve harmony by choosing paddles of different blade areas. The only sure way to find the surface area you are most happy with is to try out a range of paddles. Finally, you may wish to explore the handling characteristics of different blade patterns, and the best way to do this is to have a set, each having exactly the same surface area.

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