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Those who live near the shore often hear rumors about the piles of money that vacation rentals bring in. After we decided that we wanted to move forward with building a rental cabin, we next needed to decide what we wanted to offer in the cabin. All of these ideas came together rather quickly, and we decided that we liked a 2-bedroom cabin for various privacy issues. In addition, we preferred the more executive-style of cabin, so we opted for more updated and modern, rather than rustic and old-fashioned. We thought about what we would like in a vacation cabin, and drew from experiences we have had on past vacations.

To go with the cabin theme, we determined that a log cabin design often lends itself well to a loft area. In the end we decided it would be nice, but not a necessity, and would take away too much room from the quaint loft space, and therefore, did not include a second bath in this first cabin’s floor plan. We also had to factor in what size cabin we wanted, and still smarting from our recently-assessed home, we also factored in what taxes were going to cost us on this new cabin. And we implemented the open-floor plan that so many people enjoy in more modern home designs. We did quite a bit of research to determine what size area would be needed for the pool table, in order for the guests to actually be able to enjoy playing on a full-size table, with ample wiggle room for those difficult shots.

But in the end, based on our past construction experience, we simply designed the floor plans ourselves.
The open floor plan allows for eating, enjoying a game of pool, lounging in the family room watching TV, soaking in the warmth of a fireplace, or simply gazing out the back to enjoy God’s Creation only footsteps away!

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