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Put in a sturdy post and add bird feeders so you’ll have hours of enjoyment watching your feathered friends. Traditionally, spring isn’t the time of year to be thinking about adding a new bird feeding station in your yard, but I think it is the perfect time.  Especially after reviewing the damage in my yard from the ravages of winter and from the squirrels! Now I’m not an official birder, but I love sitting at my desk and looking out at my feeders from my window.  I love feeding the birds and watching the wonderful world of hierarchy and chicanery. The first goal was to replace the existing metal pole with a steadier, more attractive feeding station. 1.  Establish the height you want the feeder post to be making sure it is high enough to notice but not too high to reach the top and the feeders.

You can set the post in concrete for a permanent placement, but I opted for a metal post holder that can be driven into the ground then the post attaches to the holder.  This gives the option of moving the feeding station to other areas of the yard.
7.  Place the bird feeding post into the post holder and secure using some galvanized screws. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not an expert birder, but I have read that you should place the feeders in an area that has some brush or bushes for protection of smaller birds from larger predators. If you place a feeder near windows, place an object in the window that will stop the birds from flying into the glass.  Or, place the feeder close enough that the birds are not in full flight speed if they do happen to fly into the window. Yes those little marauders (and I say that with true affection) have reeked more havoc in my yard than the freeze-thaw, especially to my bird feeding area.

And speaking from experience, the minute the feed is gone, I can guarantee the squirrels will be knocking at your door!
My little troupe of bandits takes an effortless leap from the ground and in an instant they are on top of the feeder, munching away.  By the end of winter the pole has been bent several times almost down to the ground.

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