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I supplied my own materials and provided the sweat equity to build my parts from aluminum bar stock.  during the process I learned quite a bit about machining and taught the students more about CNC Router tables. The new Aluminum CNC Router build  has one other benefit I was not counting on.  It is able to lift significantly more weight on the Z axis. Used the Taig CNC milling machine to cut out mounting holes for the DB-9 connectors on the back panel and for the light emitting diodes on the front panels.
Each upgrade has worked  better than the previous version so I decided make an aluminum CNC router build.

I am constantly modifying my 3 axis CNC Router table to add new features and functionality.
I was fortunate to have the chance to work along side the Mechanical Engineering Technology students at Morrisville State College  and help  the  students make A CNC Router table. I have slowly been tweaking the machines construction for the last 4 years to the point that it is now a distant cousin to the original 3 Axis CNC Router with MDF carriages and Lead screws. The router table can be used to cut a variety of materials under computer numerical control (CNC).

There is a smooth surface for the CNCRP drives to rotate on and a threaded stud for the lock nut.
Besides that, I got a great deal of pleasure from experimenting and building things in a new way.

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