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Tooling around town via bicycle to square away groceries as well as other shopping pit stops can end up being a whole lot easier and greener with this clever and relatively simple wooden pallet scavenging project. Repurposing guru Wendy Tremayne offers up a seriously hardcore DIY project that, while requiring a great deal of time, patience and creativity, will take the heat off your wallet since the majority of the materials are reclaimed. Co-creator of Recycle Santa Fe…a Festival of Recycling, Vermont-based repurposing artisan Mark Dabelstein constructs uniquely designed pallet wood furniture and household decor pieces accented with organic paints. Visual merchandiser Dann Boyles teamed up with Nashville's Nouveau Classics to brainstorm these crafty yuletide treats using slabs of reclaimed and artfully arranged pallet wood. Whether you have a family of your own or neighborhood children tend to habitually flock to your property in search of entertainment, this repurposed pallet playhouse will definitely hit the spot.
If you want, you can clean the driveway and try to battle your way through to the nearest store and spend over 100$ for  a decent wooden snow sled or you can buy cheap plastic one which your kid will brake in one hour.
The handle (optional) was an 18mm piece of wooden dowel but a piece of pipe or a broom handle could also be used. To finish the sled, each runner was drilled at the front to take a 2m length of rope, held at each end with a bow-line hitch. If you want a bigger sled for two or more kids just make a longer chassis and deck accordingly.
Whether you're planning on tackling bunny hills or serious slopes this season, there's a DIY sled built for the ride.
Simply knock on the door of any major tile retailer and offer to take one or several wooden pallets off their hands (which will surely make them smile from ear to ear since they normally have to pay a fee for proper disposal). Incorporating scrap wood, hardware, a wheelbarrow bucket, and kid-length skis, the design seems destined to pick up speed, while the rope handle makes it easy to pull the sled behind you. Fortunately, shooting the breeze with a friend, enjoying the fruits of your organic gardening labors or indulging in a thirst-quenching libation can now be done with a relatively minimal 4 hour DIY investment by following this straightforward pallet chair tutorial courtesy of Mikey Sklar. While sleds of all sorts are readily available for purchase, creating your own can be a test of ingenuity that’s fun for all ages.

Anyone with a crafty bone in their body knows full well that entirely original household staples and all around practical lifestyle accessories with major wow factor can be cobbled together with minimal budgetary impact, all thanks to humble yet highly customizable wooden shipping pallets. Requiring slightly more elbow grease than the previous two ideas above, this wooden pallet sled makes child's play out of snowy hills and dales with the addition of curved rails on the underside of the craft.
We can all agree that there is no need to do either of this if you plan ahead or if you have spare wood and some tools in your garage. The dimensions can be adjusted if you want a bigger sled but we advise you to keep the scale because you may end up with unproportioned sled.
After that you may want to paint the sleds with wood paint but that is an option if you planned ahead an finished the sled before the first snow. Also you can tweak the design to make more decorated sleds if you have the spare time but this design is for building DIY snow sled in just a few hours time. If you think dishware looks good in a vertical pallet arrangement, the same concept could easily apply to cookbooks, tchotchkes or spices (with the addition of a few strategically placed planks of recycled pallet wood). Those who are itching to customize it should definitely bear in mind that the wooden surface is instantly ripe for paint, decoupage or whatever additional decorative concepts can be conjured up. Upon returning home with your freebie treasure, merely prop it up against a wall and tah-dah — behold an instant shoe holder which should easily accommodate 8+ pairs of footwear depending on its size and construction. If you don't already have a sledgehammer, claw hammer, chisel and saw in your arsenal, rather than purchasing them (which will definitely hurt when you saddle up at the cash register), borrow them from friends or neighbors who fancy working with their hands and sweeten the deal by letting them in on your cheap snow-worthy secret! You could easily pay homage to his resourceful style by following suit or tinkering with the arrangement of your pallet planks to devise entirely original designs. Homegrown Evolution's graduated design is practical while also being stylish, and with plenty of built-in tiers, you can stash gardening implements with the greatest of ease. With its use of impressive craftsman-like details such as framed windows, a built-in porch and customized roofing, children lucky enough to call this their home away from home might not ever leave! I was interested in creating a modern twist on this simple sled by applying an aggressive angled geometry.

Each plank was drilled and held in place with flat headed two inch wood screws tightened so the heads pulled flush.
As you can see, you don’t need professional tools and a lot of woodworking experience to make yours DIY snow sled. Among the countless creative projects over on Built by Kids, we found this rather ingenious approach to a DIY sled. Truly chemical-free gardening can be achieved by setting up various bird-worthy accommodations using recycled pallet wood, and the best part is that they can then feast to their heart's content and keep returning to the scene of the crime day after day! This faceted sled made from plywood and 2x4s is an affordable project that can bring hours of holiday fun.
If you have a little experience with tools basic DIY snow sled can be finished in couple of hours.
Ideally a 1m length would have made a better proportioned sled but this as all that was available at the moment. The front screw was secured first and then the strip was held with a clamp whilst the steel was bent round the wooden runner and screwed in place. PVC plumbing pipes, low-cost and readily available, combine (via nuts and bolts) with half-inch plywood to make a DIY sled that, at least according to its creator over on Instructables, steers better than the molded plastic variety you’ve likely seen on the slopes in the past. This design for DIY sled is basic with no decorations and no fine finishing but their advantage is that they can be delivered to your kids in the matter of hours while making classic design snow sleds require a few days and lot of knowledge and equipment. After the skids are mounted use high grit sandpaper to smooth the surface as much as you can because smoother surface means faster sled. In fact, its designers Andreas Claus Schnetzer and Gregor Pils are currently in the process of modifying the structure as an 80 square foot home for a Johannesburg, South African social building project at a cost of just $11 per square foot.

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