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ScoutnhuntAugust 27th, 2009, 01:29 AMPlans call for 3 people to stand the tower, we found that 2 could easily do it. Rural King (farm supplies store) and Menards (home improvement store) have ladder stands here in Southern IL for about 60 bucks and sometimes you can find hang-ons for the same price. Designed And Used By Producer Of Hunting Videos, Outdoor Speaker And Bow hunting Instructor! This Do-It-Yourself Tree Stand is easy to build and put up, yet rugged and durable! I hunt from store bought ladder stands as of now but in the future wouldnt mind building one in a tree like some shown.
We have a number of bolted on tree stands that are between trees or in between clusters of limbs on big oak trees. Wow, those are nice at first but wait until the wind starts moving those trees around and the nails or bolts start working loose.
I have aonther one that is a bow stand similar to the one in the first post that has been up for 8 years now.

The designer has never used this stand as a Climbing Stand but predicts that it will work well.
Well, what'll happen is everytime the wind blows, 1 of those 3 trunks is pulling the other way from the other, potentially pulling the stand loose. Back then, we had no commercial stand options and didn't know any better, so all stands were homemade. I like the wood ladder stand, looks like 7 of mine also garnished with the Xmas trees but I would never advise using multiple trees like the one above.
I would agree- with the price of some of the stands you can probably buy a decent one for less money than building them yourself anyway. Outdoor speaker Dave Tripiciano has developed, refined and field tested this stand over the past seven years. About the only situation I'd suggest for a homemade stand would be a massive oak, where you could build a stand in the saddle where 2-3 large trucks create like a 3 pronged V.

Build six sturdy Tree Stands for the cost of one expensive factory-made stand! Fun to build! Tripiciano and his son hunt almost exclusively from this type of homemade stand and have taken many deer from them with bow and gun. I would never build a portable wood stand for fear of getting killed but we have some permanent stands using lag bolts for the flooring, presure treated wood and we put them in cedar trees. If individual tree's are involved, stick with a good commercial hang on or ladder stand IMHO.
We also find you have better cover in the cedars and they don't stand out like a sore thumb.

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