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Construction of a Custom StandFor a 75 Gallon Fish AquariumAfter talking about it for years, we finally decided to embark on a new hobby of fishkeeping.Myself being the sort who is incapable of doing much on a small scale, I suggested we start with a 75 gallon aquarium. TwitterContact us if you want us to link to your free woodworking plans or if you want to advertise on this web site. On building a fish tank stand and canopy needs the accurate procedures and organize it well. The process of building a fish tank stand and canopy, after preparing all the materials and tools needed, then do the first step that is measuring the dimensions which you chose, you must suit the stand and the canopy with the dimension of the fish tank.
After measuring all the size of materials, the height, the length and the width, and suited with the aquarium dimension, then do the assembling of the parts of the canopy and the stand. The Benefits of Knowing How to Build a Fish Tank Stand and CanopyThere are many benefits of knowing well on how to build a fish tank stand and canopy, you will not have any difficulties on the process of building the stand and canopy, since the main functions of stand canopy are equipped the fish tank.
How to build a fish tank stand and canopy organically will lead to the better result and make you easier on building and assembling the each part.
How to build a fish tank stand and canopy must be done organized thus it will lead to a better result of your aquarium later. Cost Needed For 40x60 Metal Home Floor Plans In constructing a building, we need to calculate dimension of building in advance.
You may want to elevate your houses that have already two stories, like extending into until three stories.
Free Standing Patio Cover Plans for Beautiful Home Patio is an open space area of the house.
Get the ultimate DIY book Follow me This is a tutorial on how to build an aquarium stand frame.

I'm Building a 8'x4'x4' Custom Plywood Aquarium almost like this one plus more at From games to consoles, old and new Play Free Addicting Games when i get my house in order(a lot of unfinished remodeling) i'm planning on building an aquarium something like this.
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How to build a fish tank stand and canopy are commonly started with the preparations of the materials and tools needed, prepare all of those requirements to make the process of building a fish tank stand and canopy is going well and successful.
How to build a fish tank stand and canopy, in this step, you may use the exact measuring tools to get the most properly size of each materials to be made and build to be a stand and a canopy. The stand as the base of the fish tank and the canopy for preventing any unexpected objects like dirt’s or insects are falling or entering the fish tank which may disturb the fish. Building a aquarium stand and canopy is the main part of building a beautiful aquarium and you may restrain from the damage or broken aquarium since you have made a well-built aquarium from the good stand and canopy. Complete series of videos from start to fish easy how to build custom aquarium oak stand and canopy.
I could not find anyone who sells canopy's for this size aquarium, so I decided to build one myself. I'm hoping to have it together by the end of the week so I can start working on the lighting next week.
Talk about your profit margin.These are very popular stands, made by one of the top companies and found in every fish store, so they must be adequate for the job. Still I figure a 75 gallon setup will tip the scales at somewhere around 750 pounds so I wanted something I had confidence in. Besides, if I'm going to lay out $180 for a cabinet, I expect a better value for my money.The answer was to build one myself.

After all I know alot of herp keepers enjoy their fish quariums as well.Also, this same stand will work for a standard 90 gallon tank as well. This will distribute the weight of the aquarium over more of the floor space.The other two pieces will be the center braces for the front and back. Everything you've built so far is designed to support the weight of the aquarium, and it will do a fine job.
It's still not much to look at however, so we'll move on to the finish work by adding the trim and building the doors.First, we'll use the 1x4 for the top and bottom trim. Take your time on this step, and make sure the doors are placed where you want them before attaching them to the hinges.You may also want to cut a 1x2 to fit under the top frame on each side between the center brace and the corner post. Stain it the color of your choice, and attach the door pulls and you have a nice furniture quality stand that will support 10 times the weight of a store bought one for less than half the cost.Here is a picture of the finished stand in use. The aquarium is not finished, it is in the process of completeing the initial cycling of the water. If I do decide to do that, I will add that to this page.The retail price for a 48" aquarium strip light is around $82 here, and I will not pay that much money for a plastic flourescent strip light.
If I can locate one reasonably priced, I may just go with it, if not I will design a canopy and use my own light fixture in it.The only addition not pictured here is a strip outlet.
All the associated aquarium equipment will plug in there and only one cord will go to the wall.

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