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Fortunately, a garden-variety lathe—without a lot of fancy features—is such a perfect example of simple design that an amateur toolsmith ought to be able to assemble a bargain-basement duplicate all on his or her own. To prove just this point, MOTHER EARTH NEWS researchers Dennis Burkholder and Robyn Bryan tackled the task and came up with the bare-bones, homemade wood lathe.A Functional ToolAt first glance, the fellows' rustic interpretation of the familiar machine tool appears to be little more than a toy.
But a few of our staffers with some woodworking experience to their credit have put the lathe through a number of trials, and the consensus is that the timber-framed woodturner is fully capable of handling most of the basic shaping and finishing jobs encountered by the casual crafter . However, since Dennis and Robyn actually assembled the tool largely from odds and ends around the shop (a feat that probably wouldn't be all that difficult to duplicate in your own workspace), the entire lathe lightened our till by only $35 or so.

Of course, your ultimate goal here is to set the head- and tailstock centers on an equal plane for accurate turning, so you may have to alter the given dimensions slightly to match the height of your particular mandrel's center.When the floor flanges are bolted in place over the tailstock hole with the ram installed, you can attach the ram lock and handwheel.
We found that various-sized floor flanges that were bushed and rethreaded to fit the driven shaft served that purpose well.Last but not least, the lathe needs a tool rest. So take the time to bolt its legs permanently to a solid work platform, and always wear eye protection (but never loose clothing, belts, or jewelry) when turning. The speed ratio mentioned earlier will yield 760 and 1,150 RPM with a two-speed motor.If you're a wood-turning novice, you'd also do well to research the craft before cutting (Sears, Roebuck & Co.

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