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Im tring to build a ledlight bar for my hutch on my tool box its 73 in wide, it dont have to look great because it would be out of site im tring to figerout what to use for a housing how many leds, what kind of leds and drivers and a power suply. It's a SUPER important item, but as compared to other items there are sooo many more expensive items it takes to build just one complete unit. After all, the tools are what helped build that car and it seems you can tell a lot about a hot rodder by their toolbox. But since they don’t, here’s what you need to stock a toolbox that will meet your basic home repair needs.First, decide what container in which you want to store your tools.

Classic toolboxes are great, but rubber storage containers and even canvas bags with pockets will do the trick.
Plus, plastic or canvas won’t scratch floors or other surfaces the way metal toolboxes might. The thought of that different box stuck with me until years later when one showed up on Craigslist at the right price and place.
I've seen both the classic 60 and 78 Snap-on boxes in person and would never buy one of those as they aren't built very well since they are basically their lowest end box.

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