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I am super excited today about sharing my pallet bed idea which is basically specially designed for toddler and is hand crafted.
As you know we need a bed for a toddler so the pallets that are to be used must be of good quality and it should be pest free.
DIY Pallet Toddler Bed, salvaged or old pallets, sanded and finished with blow torch and ready for your kids.

It also needs to be heavily sanded to ensure that all the splinters have been removed; it must also be ensured that the pallet is not being treated chemically as it will be used in making a pallet bed for toddler. I also think it would compliment as a dual unit (as in make two) in the corner as a reading nook and additional guest bed for sleepovers!
I thought to construct a pallet bed for toddler to give it as a present to my friend who is having a kid so this present was the most unique one.

The thought of putting ones toddlers in a bunk bed is more than a tad bit frightening, given their self-deemed super powers in flying a soaring.

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