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Even in contemporary times, a Shaker lap desk is a distinctive yet functional furniture piece.
The lap desk is only one of many practical contributions bestowed upon us by the Shakers, members of a communal religious sect active in agriculture and manufacturing since the eighteenth century.
A softwood could be used, but it wouldn't take a stain gracefully and would probably be marred by the pressure of pen points.Our materials list and assembly diagram will provide you with the finished dimensions for each of the desk's component parts.

A jack plane can be used to dress your stock as required, but you'll also need a table saw, a router, a mortising chisel, a hammer, a drill with an assortment of small bits, some bar clamps, and carpenter's glue to complete the project. Glue the dividers in place, then glue and screw the sides against the mated assemblies, using No.

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