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As you can see from the photos below a new replacement cover for your hot tub makes a world of difference to the look of the spa as well as helping to retain more heat and prevent chemical loss though evaporation. There are more than a few reasons to change your heavy hot tub cover, but the best one is that a new custom replacement hot tub cover will probably pay for itself in less than one year with the hydro savings you will receive. This Rondo spa is nearly 10 years old but was revamped with a new lid and cover caddy - easy off and easy on! The client also wanted the new cover to fold the other way so it was easier to get on and off. This corner spa was fitted with a new cover and cover lifter, they also treated the cabinet with a makeover making this 7 years old spa look like new! This happens a lot when hot tub owners don’t even realize their hot tub cover is water logged.

The old cover on this Spaform Milano hot tub was very heavy and has been damaged by chemicals.
Simple answer is the hot tub cover foam cores become water logged, but there is more to it if you drill down to the main issue. Two big culprits to a waterlogged cover are poor water chemistry, or the cover has been broken.
As well you won’t use your hot tub as much because it will be a chore to remove the hot tub cover and you will probably need two people. The other thing that may happen if your hot tub cover is too heavy is if you have a hot tub cover lifter you may damage it with the excess weight.
You really have to watch your water chemistry as it can become very corrosive and disintegrate the vapor barrier around the foam cores of your hot tub cover.

Once the vapor barrier is gone you will have a heavy saturated hot tub cover in a very short time. To elevate this from happening keep your alkalinity in balance and remove your hot tub cover when you shock your hot tub.

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