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Il will be very simple to modify this boat (wider, smaller or whatever it can suit your need. A collection of plans for the classic wooden boats plans- the models vary in size but I prefer to work on models that are about 1m in length or larger so the majority of plans here are for the larger models. I have also included a section on RC Hardware with Wiring Diagrams for basic RC Boat and Ship layouts.

The plans are large sheets 2A0 in sheet size - the large sheets that are best printed at a print shop such as Kinko's or similar high street printers. The water is fed from forward facing inlet on the hull which forces the water into the jacket and out through a drain - this is the most efficient way to cool you RC Boat motor. The cost is kept low so that everyone can have a chance to build the models - some lesser quality plans are for sale on the web for 10 times the price.

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