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The oscillating multitool is a relatively new portable power tool, but it has already won over a legion of woodworkers, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers.
Every multitool manufacturer offers a wide array of sanding attachments, which can be used to smooth wood, wood fillers, and clear topcoat finishes.
Fitted with the appropriate blade, the multitool can quickly slice through copper, plastic, and even old galvanized metal pipes. There are specialty tools designed for removing old, stained, cracked tile grout, but few work as fast or as well as the multitool.
Click here to learn more about the Ryobi ONE+ System.When sanding with a multitool, press down lightly and allow the sandpaper to smooth the surface.
The multitool provides a quick, easy, and accurate way to cut square and rectangular holes in the drywall on walls and ceilings. There wasn't a quick, neat way to remove hardened thinset mortar from a subfloor until the multitool came along.
Next time you need to cut away old, hardened caulk, put down the putty knife and reach for the multitool. You are puzzled when looking for an oscillating tool because there are dozens of brands in this category; each brand has a various models. Oscillating tools (also called oscillating multi-tools) are power tools, which use the vibrations created by fast back-and-forth movements of a blade or other attachments in narrow arc to cut, scrape or sand… various type of materials. When you specify the quality, the type and the range cost, you’d better check carefully the tool you want to buy. The versatility: The versatility of the tools depends on accessories that are attached to the oscillating head.
All the suggestions above will help you consider carefully before purchasing as you will know which one is best suitable for your demand and your pocket. You've seen the TV infomercials where these tools tackle a variety of DIY jobs: scraping adhesive, breaking out tile grout, cutting through pipes, bolts, and drywall. Whether corded or cordless, an oscillating multi-tool vibrates a blade or other attachment back and forth in a narrow arc (3-4°) at up to 21,000 strokes per minute. We were surprised to find that even when a blade jammed in a tight spot, no motor ever bogged down; instead, the oscillating motion transferred to the tool body, vibrating the operator's arm.

The HF multi tool I bought for my son 2 years ago is still going on occasional use but mine died after 1 month of mild-modest useage. I agree on the Harbor Freight Multi-tool, I have had mine for a year and it has performed very well. Invented in the 1960s to provide a fast, safe way to remove plaster casts from broken limbs, the first woodworking version of this tool was introduced in the mid-1990s.Today the oscillating multitool is one of the most versatile power tools ever produced.
Install a fine-tooth metal-cutting blade to cleanly slice through multiple coats of dried paint, old caulking, and even finishing nails.
Pressing down too firmly will clog the abrasive, dramatically reducing its effectiveness, and putting undue stress on the tool motor.A multitool is ideal for cutting through baseboard, shoe molding, door casings, and other interior trim. Attach a triangular-shaped carbide-grit rasp to the tool, and use it to grind away mortar, cement, and even dried adhesives. When fitted with a sharpened steel scraper blade, the tool will slice through the hardest, most-stubborn caulk in a matter of minutes. As there is a large amount of information on the Internet, some people recommend one tool while the others think it waste of money and you don’t know which tool is best choice. If you are a professional who uses oscillating tool for daily jobs, your demand is likely different from people who use it for irregular do-it-yourself projects.
Some corded oscillating tools may weigh less than compact ones, but you should consider the disadvantage of corded model. You can find many oscillating multi-tools with reasonable price of less than $100, but high-end, professional ones ready to lay out a few times that, which up to $1,000. Because you normally use one or both hands round the tool’s pin, its boundary and shape affect how well it fits your hand. Sometimes you don’t need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut as the most expensive oscillating tool is not always the best one. Because of the tool's short range of blade motion, small front-end profile, and blades that extend past the snout of the tool, it reaches into tight spots other tools can't. They sand small project parts and fit in tight quarters--but don't plan on smoothing a large panel with a multi-tool. Frankly speaking, there is no best tool, there is only most suitable tool, which best satisfies you demand and suit your pocket.

Both professionals and amateurs like using oscillating tool because of their handiness, all-in-one solution that do the job of some tools. If you are a professional who needs a high-quality oscillating tool for frequent use, it might be worth it to purchase a more high-cost tool. A multi-tool also works well for flush cutting because the stepped profile of many blades and other attachments allows the attachment to rest flat on a surface. Bought this many years ago and as a general contractor carpenter have put this tool thru much abuse and use. Never operate a string trimmer without eye and hearing protection, and always wear long pants and work boots.The best time to use your string trimmer is immediately after mowing the lawn. Therefore, the following suggestion should be noted so that you yourself can choose your best one. They can be widely used in many tasks like woodworking, remodeling, construction, tile work, flooring, etc.
The battery recharging when using a compact oscillating tool can cause kind of inefficiency.
Besides, a portable oscillating multi-tool can be easier to use because it is not attached to a cord. But if you only use oscillating tool for occasional home projects, you can easily find a suitable oscillating tool in the range of $100 to $200.
Heavier tools (some tool weigh up to 4 lbs) make it exhausting to hold during prolonged use. However, if you use it occasionally for home remodeling, a cordless tool may be the right choice. I can't get past the price of some of these, i can buy four of the HF tools and still have money in my pocket from your cheapest pick.

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