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With sandpaper and a little elbow grease, an old wooden staircase can be given a whole new appearance. 2Sand the outer portions of the stairs and the rise of each step with a small, orbital hand sander using 60-grit sandpaper. If sanding the spindles of a handrail, cut strips of sandpaper to wrap around the posts and move back and forth by hand to remove the old finish. Using care to not hit the walls or hand rails, run the sander across the center of each stair. He guesstimated that if we had purchased all new wood to complete the project, in addition to the paint and stain, our costs would have come in just shy of $600. We started by ripping up the old carpet, and then sanding off some errant paint and stain, actually you can check it all out in our last post about the stairs. If you’re staining the steps and painting the risers only, sand all the overspray off of the steps with a sander and coarse sandpaper. Another option for you is to hire one man and a Dust-free sanding machine to get your floors sanded and prepared for your choice of finish at a time that suits you.
Option 1: The outsides of the treads and risers are sanded and coated, the middle section to be covered eventually by a stair carpet. Wooden steps and staircases make a beautiful character addition to any commercial building.
Refinishing hardwood stairs and steps poses a problem in that they are very difficult to properly sand with conventional floor sanding equipment. Through experience and with the use of some very specialized sanding tools we are able to sand the surface of your hardwood stairs (step and riser) smooth and ready for a new finish. We’ve been refinishing wood staircases and steps for several years and if there is one thing we know from our commercial customers is that they put off doing these types of projects because of the downtime involved with their business. Traditional wood stair and step refinishing involves the use of water or oil based stains that bring with them harmful fumes that can linger in your commercial space for days.

For some businesses this could mean being shut down for 2 or 3 days while your wood floor cures. Refinishing a wood staircase involves some sanding to remove any of the imperfections in wear layer of the flooring. If you’d like to receive an estimate to refinish your wood staircases in your commercial setting then please give us a call or fill out a form today. 1Use 60-grit sandpaper on a circular floor sander to remove the initial finish from the center of the wooden stair.
3Repeat the sanding process using 120-grit sandpaper using the circular sander down the center first, then the orbital sander on the outer edges and the rise. When the time comes to refinish a wood staircase, the first task is to remove the old finish. The 120-grit sandpaper will remove the last of the old finish and leave a smooth, shiny surface.
The one area of the home that we absolutely wanted to remodel (and as quickly as possible!) was our staircase. Ha- this made me laugh We just bought a house and the staircase and whole main level are the before color. We actually ripped up the old carpet on our stairs, and have yet to decide how we want to move forward with the rest of the project. Once the carpet was gone and all the staples were removed, I filled the holes with wood filler. Whether you want your stairs finished naturally for a classic look, or stained a rich ebony, anything is possible with a hardwood staircase. When we sat down to decide how we planned to tackle the project and what our expenses might be, I was absolutely shocked when Nick told me that he thought he could do the entire staircase for $70 or less!
The purple color goes so well with the gray color in the living room adjacent to the stairwell.

Although I personally like the pine and forest green:) I really love natural wood, although darker is better. If we could go back, we probably would have painted the stringer before doing all the staining.
As mentioned above, and by way of warning, sanding stairs is a dusty business, but does give a great result in the end, as we think you'll agree. Usually it’s the edges that begin to wear first, followed by the portion of the step that foot traffic is concentrated on the most and this will result in very rough looking finishes, often to the point where the wood is actually exposed. So, after two weeks of lots of hard work on the part of my husband — prepping, sanding, planing, painting, and staining the wooden stairs and landings all by hand — we had a new staircase! The stairs were decent looking with that sort of shabby chic look, but thats not really our style. But thanks to some pre-planning, hard work, and creativity on the part of my handyman hubby, and some extra time over the summer to complete the project, we were able to pay just $70 cash for a brand new staircase! When all the carpet pulling, staple removing, paint stripping, tread sanding, staining, varnishing, and stringer painting were complete, we had beautiful stairs!
Painting stairs is one of the best DIY home improvement projects for new homeowners to tackle. I recently painted and stained my foyer staircase in the traditional way, but if you want a more colorful look, try painting your stairs and risers in any bold shade. When staining and painting stairs, use painters tape to mask areas that you don’t want to get paint on.

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