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More and more woodworkers are bringing power jointers and planers into their shops, often pushing hand planes into dusty corners. A sharp, properly adjusted hand plane allows a woodworker to peel a whisper-thin shaving from wood while leaving a surface of unsurpassed quality.
A block plane handles many tasks, including some that would be difficult or unsafe to perform with power tools. The block plane owes its handy size in part to the shallow angle between the blade--or iron--and the sole.
Even so, a block plane's cutting edge meets the wood at about the same angle as a bench plane's.
You hold it in one hand, as shown in picture 2, with the rounded top of the iron cap (see the Plane Parts illustration, bottom right of the article) in your palm.
Rely on the block plane to wipe out the wavy machine-milling marks on lumberyard stock, leaving it satin-smooth.

WOOD® magazine's master craftsman, Chuck Hedlund, even sharpens flat carpenter's pencils with a block plane. These low-angle planes slice through wood more easily, but may cause tear-out along the grain. Position it in the plane's body, bevel up, engaging the appropriate notch over the tang on the adjuster, when applicable. Have a Stanley 103 block plane that was broken at the throat, brazed by an excellent welder, and works very well afer truing the base.
And, among hand planes, the block plane ranks near the top for versatility and convenience.
Clamp the plane upside down in your vise, and you can plane parts barely large enough to grasp, as shown in picture 3.
But, shaving down to the line with a block plane results in a nicer surface and a truer edge.

If gaps appear between the back of the iron and the back of the mouth, or if the iron rocks in the throat, remove the iron and carefully file down the high spots in the plane. Instead of taking the door off to rework it, just mark the high spot and shave it off with your block plane. I will probably spend a few hours getting the planes sharp and ready for the next huge task. Planing bevels or chamfers by hand often is almost as fast as machining them, considering setup time. When any project part would fit better if it was just a smidgen narrower or shorter, the block plane can save the day.

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