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This instructable was the first time I've done joinery in a decade, and I sucked way more back then than I do now.
Much like the combo machines that condense all your woodworking needs into one machine, this jig will save you time, materials, and space. CLICK HERE to download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for this multiuse joinery jig. The best way to hold together a high-end woodworking projects, whether you're building a timber-frame home, putting together a trestle table or making a step stool, is with a bit of glue and hand cut joints.

Split this to separate instructables, one for each joinery type, and put proper sized images. Going straight through quickly is a good way to end up with non-square joints, and when you're making furniture they're a very good way to make it look terrible.My first ever job was as a joiner's apprentice, and because I didn't enjoy it I sucked. When end grain must be joined to edge or face grain, the joint of choice is the mortise and tenon. WIth these joints, you can build a wide array of furniture and tackle a number of woodworking projects without having to rely on unsightly (although time-saving) nails and screws.

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