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The sled is runs on two strips in the slots on the table saw allowing for a smooth accurate cut. With this jig the full length of the bit can be used for deeper mortising capability than some other jigs allow.
I really like my Makita sliding miter saw, but the hold-down clamp has very limited range and capability. I have been making these guitar pick cases for a while now and needed a way to band saw the back of the case off so the grain pattern in the wood matches. This clamp attaches to the fence on my miter saw and easily adjust up and down the length. Here's an opportunity to win a Highland gift card worth $100, $50 or $25 that we'll award for the top designs submitted by our customers for shop-made accessory jigs that utilize one or more toggle clamps.

This band saw circle cutting jig is simple and easy for a fairly new woodworker to construct and works beautifully.
Once it is in place on the saw top, either take a measurement from the stop or place a pen barrel on the sled.
I prefer to use a toggle clamp on the cut off piece, if it is large enough, to prevent it from moving towards the saw after the cut.
I inserted a hold-down bolt through the hole, long enough to span the distance from the frame below the miter saw and through a small platform that rides on the saw table.
Because our customers have found they work so well for securing workpieces in their shop-made jigs, we've sold countless thousands of them over the years. My solution was to cut a piece of hard wood approximately 2-? inches long that duplicates the curve of the space on the table of the sliding miter saw.

Base runners are solid aluminum and fitted with nylon side set screws that can be screwed in or out to adjust the fit in the table saw miter grooves and for alignment.
In the first photo (above) I show how the under-the-table portion of the clamp is inserted through the slot and under the frame of the saw.
The saw blade passes through a removable piece that can be changed when the slot gets damaged.

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