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I was making model boats as far back as I can remember usually in Balsa wood - they were often crudely carved replicas of tramp steamers and fishing boats based on the silhouette images from the "Observer's Book of Ships". I never finished a model, they were all around 75% complete but too often my eyes would be caught by another new boat discovery - it was a massive world to explore. As my teens progressed and I became interested in Naval Architecture I started to make models of boats I had designed (on a glass topped circular table!). When I left home to go to University to study Naval Architecture for real, I left behind around 10 Balsa models of various sizes and approximately 50 Airfix plastic kit ship models - unfortunately they were all destined not to last and so the photographs below are all I have left of them. The County Class Missile Destroyer HMS Devonshire and the Bustler tug (bread and butter Balsa construction), built in my early teens along with a Rocket Class Frigate - all sadly gone now. A Balsa and ply model of the Type 42 frigate HMS Amazon built from plans in one of the model boat magazines.

During Canberra's construction, BBC Childrens television ran a series of programmes featuring John West, one the ship's designers. To subscribe to my model boats blog (no e-mail address necessary), RIGHT-click on the orange RSS button and then copy-and-paste the URL of this site's RSS feed into your RSS reader. Later, in my early teens I bought plans from the Model Aeronautical Press (MAP) series and modeled warships again mainly in Balsa wood. These models were used to take a 3D look at the aesthetics of the design - there was also the intention of doing some tank tests on them, but the bath was never going to be long enough for that but at least I could see the design afloat! There is also a model of a Dragon racing yacht (Bluebottle) and a barge yacht buried somewhere deep in the garage! To accompany the programme, the BBC provided deck plans to enable construction of a balsa wood version of the ship.

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