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One time about 15 years ago now, in one auction, on one day, a 90A in the box sold for over 10K. Overall it is in super nice condition and the plane body has the warm shiny glow that 100 year old Boxwood exhibits.
Thanks to this tradition antique wooden planes are easy to see and identify on that point are almost 3 000 known American Canadian and English planemakers. We can help you sell Antique tools Good 38.00 We are interested Hoosier State rare saws Infill planes braces saws wooden planes.
Includes the antique wood plane gatherer and resources for identifying antique wood planes. As well as offering auctions & valuations at our main saleroom in Loughton, we are also pleased to able to provide clients with an opportunity to consign items to our sales at our valuations office in the centre of Chelmsford.
Selections of antique tools from a variety of periods regularly make an appearance in our fortnightly sales.
Boningtons receive important coverage in the trade papers & national press on interesting lots that have appeared in our sales.
Although identifying antique wood planes is often difficult for a novice collector, there are also times when a seasoned antique tool collector has the same difficulty. Of all the antique hand tools made, the wood plane is one of the most highly sought after by tool collectors.

For many of these collectors coming across an antique wood plane during one of their treasure hunts is exhilarating. There are a vast number of antique wood planes in existence often causing confusion surrounding their identification. Excellent resources exist both on and off line to help tool collectors with antique plane identification.
One of the most useful types of books for antique plane identification is a good price guide for antique tools.
Tool price guides from past years should not be overlooked as a valuable source of wood plane identification.
If you have an antique wood plane and need assistance with its identification, there are other options available to you.
Many communities hold antique appraisal events where identification and appraisals are provided free or for a nominal fee. There is generally a fee to have an item identified by an antique appraiser, either on or off line.
Although the world of antique woodworking planes may at first seem confusing to someone just beginning a collection, most seasoned collectors agree that part of the fun of this interesting hobby is identifying antique wooden planes that they find on their treasure hunts. The antique wooden planes on this page are mostly American or English with beginner woodworking project Wooden Planes Back To Tool Index Back to Home page.

Henry M Type A try out of the passee Wooden Tools useable FALCON WOOD build bike jump wood axerophthol 3 16 inch Beading planer away Owasco Tool marked No 105. Spanning from lacquer to cloisonné, from jades to ivories and more, this talk will highlight the aesthetic and symbolic value of a great variety of artistic products used for decorative purposes in Chinese tradition. They browse antique shops and online auction websites, search through the tools at thrift stores and rummage through boxes of old tools at garage sales and flea markets hoping to find a hidden treasure that would be a perfect addition to their growing tool collection.
Price guides generally have excellent descriptions, pictures or drawings of the various wood planes in addition to the current retail price of the plane.
These price guides are often found at garage sales or online auctions at reasonable prices. The websites of many experienced tool collectors and antique shops provide helpful pictures, measurements and other valuable information used to identify wood planes from years gone by.
If the plane is priced in the collector's budget, the excited collector takes his special find home to research it and identify the antique tool's rarity and value. Other antique tool price guides have generalized sections on woodworking tools or a specific section on wood planes.

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