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Alder - With it's light color, high resin content and light streaking alder wood is a good choice for most laser engraving wood projects. Wood is a very challenging material for photograph engraving however once you are dialed in you can produce very consistent results.
We will be closed on Wednesday, November 25 through Friday, November 27 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. If the resin content is high then the laser beam will burn the resin and drive it into the wood resulting in a dark burn. A great way to run a test without ruining the piece is by laser engraving your company logo on the back. Selection of the wood is ONE key factor in producing a quality engraving with detail and contrast.

If the resin content is low the laser beam will vaporize the wood leaving only a minimal burn.
An alternate method to determine if the plaque has a low resin content, is if the plaque is lighter in color than that wood species normally shows, it may be lower in resin.
These are just as important as wood selection and usually requires a significant amount of testing. One piece of PC maple may laser engrave extremely well with a nice dark tone while the next piece would engrave with hardly any tone.
I'm hoping to have a detailed article in the near future to cover some of the principles of photo processing and print settings. Thanks' for reading! One day out of the blue the same wood is not engraving as dark as it use to, instead it seems lighter.

Notice that both pieces have streaking however the cherry wood has roughly three times more compared to the alder and are much closer together. If you do a study on trees you will find that most tree's drop their sap down to the bottom of the trunk in the fall to prepare for the winter month's ahead. In our comparison above, the detail is the same on both pieces from a engraving standpoint but one looks clearer and more detailed than the other, the alder wood.
So what all this mean's for the laser engraver is that if the tree is cut down in the fall or winter and the upper portion of the tree was used for the plaque, the resin content will most likely be lower.

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