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Plywood with an odd number of plies starts with a central core ply with the grain oriented according to the total number of plies. Perhaps in the "good old days" the outermost veneer appearance ply was as thick, or almost as thick, as the inner plies, but not today. It takes five plys of true hardwood veneer to create a flooring surface this strong, this beautiful, this eco-efficient. Shaw supports forest sustainability practices and purchases wood only from managed forests.

As a point of fact, this plywood may actually be stronger across its face grain direction than with its face grain direction. I suspect about 99.9% of all plywood bookcases that have ever been built have shelves oriented so the face grain of the plywood runs the length of the shelf, across the bookcase. Forest Stewardship Council certified material contributes to USGBC's LEED through the MR 7 certified wood credit.
The structrual properties of plywood are primarily dependent on the number and thickness of the plies, the grade of the plies and the arrangement of the plies.

By using harder wood species to make up the core, our products are stronger and more dent resistant, giving any environment a better performing product.
BS 5268-2 includes a number of tables providing sectional properties of a number of grades of plywood.

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