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Those JBL fans can be satisfied with a California 10's by Weber, great speaker for that type of guitar tone..
Great deal more speakers are available for all sorts of tonal choices, call to find out what might work best with your guitar, amp, current, or new cabinet you might be considering.
So I'm thinking of something like the Peavey Valveking 8 (at $99), (or Epi Valve Jr, Fender Champion, etc) stripping all the components out to go into a small custom head cabinet that I'll build to match the speaker cabinet. So I'd end up with a neat little boutique looking home setup, that I hope would sound pretty decent, will be fun to play and experiment with and I'll have very little money in it. The multiple speaker outs already there is huge for me, as I'll be experimenting with different speakers and speaker cabinets.
I like the layout with tubes mounted on top, will be a nice platform to custom build a new head cabinet around. It rocks on a 5 string (actually I play 4, 5 and 6 strings), and maybe not as deep as an Acme "Low" cab, but it does rumble the earth. Really I'm doing this for the fun of it, to practice building the cabinet, and seeing how these things work.

I once had the prestigious plan to start a small business called Boulder, building bass guitar cabinets. I have tried the little Peavey, it's a similar idea - 12AX7 + EL84, but it's like one that has been modded, and then put into a box that's too small with a grotty speaker, underwhelmed. I'm just starting on the speaker cabinet, so I'll have some time to play with it with the other small amps I have also. I'm going to chill out and spend a little time in Guitar Center playing those various amps and get a better idea of what I want. I built a few very nice prototypes that completely met my expectations, but later decided to not persue the business plan.
I guess similar to taking a cheap guitar and learning by replacing pickups, controls, do a refinish, etc, rather than just trying to do a from scratch build first time around. I have 3 from scratch(my first bodies to build from raw wood) tele's under way, and the cabinet.
It's sounds huge out of these speakers, I've heard some say this amp is too bright, and they cut the treble and boost the bass to compensate, but with these speakers in the cabinet I built, I sure don't find that to be the case.

There are some mod kits out there, that I can play with and start learning about tube amps and how they work, including PTP wiring boards and stuff. At some point, I knew I'd be redoing with a proper jig, so just cut the holes so I could frontmount the speakers to hear them.
I originally planned to front mount the speakers, but I really didn't set the baffle back far enough, so I'll probably rear mount them. I want to get one of the smaller tube amps that I'll use to drive a 2x10 cabinet that I'm building with tweed finish. This is my first cabinet to build, and it's right at the dimensions of a Fender Bassman 4x10.

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