Saving money with coupon shopping

Weekly grocery lists of items “needed” are not as long Thanks to coupon shopping, when I make out my weekly list, I usually don’t need a lot of extras to make meals. I really try each week, when making out my menus, to base our meals on the items on sale, items I have on hand, and of course meals that my boys are asking for.

For example, if my kids want spaghetti that week, I already have spaghetti noodles, pasta sauce, and hamburger because I bought these items when they were at their 12 week lowest price. All I need to pick up for dinner that night is probably some lettuce to make a salad or maybe some garlic bread. Last week, I made chicken and noodles for dinner, which didn’t require any additional items. Everything I needed was either in my pantry or freezer thanks to shopping ahead.

Saving time with coupon shopping

By planning weeks or even months ahead with coupon shopping, I’m also saving myself some time. I don’t make as many last minute trips to the store to get items for my family because I have my stockpile to shop from. We all know that often those “last minute trips” cost you a lot more than the items you really needed at the store. I try each week or to make one trip to the store with my list of things that are on sale, so I can stock up. I also buy the items that I need to finish out my menus as well as my produce items, milk, and bread.