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Clippings from the Kentucky Irish American (Newspaper - Louisville, Kentucky)

The Kentucky Irish American was an ethnic weekly newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky, which catered to Louisville's Irish community. It was first published on July 4, 1898, founded by William M. Higgins. It was a four-page weekly. Higgins would run the paper until his death on June 9, 1925. He based it in the heavy-Irish neighborhood of Limerick at 319 Green Street, even after the Irish residents began moving away from Limerick to other parts of Louisville. The Kentucky Irish American was distinctly Irish, and would de facto serve the Catholic community of Louisville. After World War I and the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922, the paper turned to local affairs, specializing in shilling for the Democratic Party.

Shown below are various clippings from the Kentucky Irish American wherein the Kollros and Bannon families are metioned. The dates of the items range from 1903 to 1912.