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I know it seems pretty early to be thinking about graduation presents, but we're already a week into April.
Graduates everywhere are throwing off their hats and saying goodbye to textbooks and sleepless study nights as high school and college classes get their diplomas across the country. Getting that special someone the perfect gift to say congratulations on his or her big day doesn’t have to be complicated. This set contains three cards in the five different designs (Birthday, Just Because, Get Well, Thank You, and Congratulations).

I have the opinion that cell phones (and iPads for that matter) deserve to have a few wardrobe options!
It can be hard to find time for casual cooking when working full-time, especially as a recent grad. This “Nailed It” desk organizer from UncommonGoods is sure to get him a few laughs at his new office job. The Global Gift Guide has suggestions for how you can give something in his name and make a difference at the same time.

Check out this yoga mat from Lululemon, and throw in a few passes at a local studio to get her started.
I can't think of a more appropriate necklace for someone graduating high school and going to college or someone graduating college and moving to another city!

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