The Table is where it happens.
All the things you usually see on a Parish Website is not cluttering FSSP.LA

It is all on The Table.

Mass times and locations,


Everything to do with parish life and the different associations and parish activities
within our community,

Also, special announcements,

Communication with other members of our community and more.

Church websites today have become an online bulletin board,
and that is what we are all currently used to.

Instead, The Table is more like a virtual parish hall where we find out things
first hand by communication, rather than looking at a static bulletin board.

So on FSSP.LA we have two registrations.

The Membership Registration is for those who wish to eventually be part of the future parish. The Table is for everyone - both those who will be future parishioners, and also those who will attend occasionally, or come to a conference, or from neighboring Latin Mass Communities, or even friends from around the world who wish to join us in growing our love and devotion to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Finally, and this needn’t even be mentioned, but there are no membership fees.
The Table is free.

Sign up, and join us inside.


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