Thank you for choosing Syncfusion's Essential Studio for iOS We appreciate having you as a customer. Please take a moment to read the information in this document before proceeding further. This document contains important information on configuring Essential Studio for iOS for optimal use.
Package List

This package contains the following extensions.

  • Essential Chart for iOS
  • Essential TreeMap for iOS
  • Essential Gauge for iOS
  • Essential BusyIndicator for iOS
  • Essential Barcode for iOS
  • Essential RangeSlider for iOS
  • Essential Maps for iOS
  • Essential AutoComplete for iOS
  • Essential NumericTextBox for iOS
  • Essential NavigationDrawer for iOS
  • Essential Calendar for iOS
  • Essential Schedule for iOS

Please note that only the products you installed/downloaded will be available.

Software Requirements

Essential Studio for iOS is compatible with iOS 7 or higher, XCode 5.0 or higher.


We do not have run-time licensing for all Essential Studio products; currently, Syncfusion has only a design-time license.

We have a simple, royalty-free licensing model. Components are licensed to a single user. We recognize that you often work at home or on your laptop in addition to your work machine. Therefore, our license permits our products to be installed in multiple locations. If you have any questions on licensing, please contact us at

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