Utility & Property Information


Address:                2420 Lynds Hill Rd, Plymouth, VT 05056.  Parcel is located down Pine Hill Rd, however, this address should navigate to the intersection of Lynds Hill Rd and Johnson Farm Rd/Pine Hill Rd.  Travel south on Pine Hill Rd to access property.  See “Road” and “Navigation” sections below for further directions.


Taxes:                    Town of Plymouth—$1,584.29 (2018 Non-Residential Value). Property is enrolled in Vermont’s tax reduction program (Use Value Appraisal) or commonly referred to as Current Use.  The UVA program allows for substantial property tax reduction in exchange for the practice of good silviculture and a commitment to non-development uses. 


Zoning:                  Property is zoned within the Rural Residential 10 district.

Access the Plymouth Zoning Regulations and the Zoning Map for further information.  The Plymouth Zoning Department may also be contacted at 802-228-4468 with any additional questions.


Power:                   Generally, power to this parcel has limited economic feasibility but may be possible.  Power is located at the intersection of Lynds Hill Rd and Pine Hill Rd approximately 1.38 miles along Pine Hill Rd to the northwest corner of the property on Buxton Schoolhouse Rd (also referred to as Blueberry Hill Jeep Rd on the forestry map).  The service provider is Green Mountain Power.  Potential purchasers are encouraged contact GMP at 888-835-4672 for engineering and installation due diligence discussions.


Water:                   There is no formal drinking water source on the property.  A drilled well is common for the area.


Septic:                    Currently, no soil tests have been completed.


Boundaries:           Property has been formally surveyed.  Some pins and physical markers have been located and marked with flagging tape.  The road frontages on both Pine Hill Rd and Buxton Schoolhouse Rd have been marked with pink flagging tape.      


Parcel:                   The deed to refers to the “lands and premises as depicted and identified as six (6) separate parcels of land on a certain survey…”  However, only four parcels are referenced, “being more particularly described as Parcel 3 (84.7 Acres), Parcel 4 (11.9 Acres), Parcel 5 (21.2 Acres), and Parcel 6 (306.7 Acres).” The acreage of this property is the sum of the four parcels listed.  Please contact the zoning offical listed above to discuss subdivision feasibility.


Forestry:                Two (2) acres near the Buxton Schoolhouse Rd frontage have been excluded from the Current Use program for potential development and are depicted on the forestry plan map.  The current forestry plan is available upon request and is attached to the listing.


Trails:                    A vast network of trails exist within the interior and along/near several of the boundaries, excellent for recreational vechicles like ATVs or horseback riding.


Road:                     Pine Hill Rd (also known as Th-19) is a class 4 town road, meaning is not plowed or maintained by the town, other than important erosion, drainage, or culvert work needed, as indicated by the Plymouth Road Foreman.  During the winter, Pine Hill Rd and Buxton Schoolhouse Rd become VAST corridor 4A, this is a major groomed corridor maintained by the Cavendish Snow Fleas Club.  Pine Hill Rd is gated and locked by the town during the mud season, usually until June 1, to prevent damage from vehicles and ATVs.  Pine Hill Rd landowners cab obtain a key from the State for year-round use.  The sole camp (vacation home) owner on Pine Hill Rd and the snowmobile club do perform some road improvement-adding and grading material, at their expense.  Camp owner has stated that he would like to work with future landowners to continue road maintenance.


Navigation:            The address has been created for GPS purposes only.  Currently, Pine Hill Rd does not have any full-time residences and therefore, there are no known formal addresses issued by the town.  The address provided will navigate to the intersection of Lynds Hill Rd and Pine Hill Rd.  The northwest corner of the property located on Buxton Schoolhouse Rd is approx. 1.38 miles from the above intersection.  The northern border of the road frontage on Pine Hill Rd is approx. 1.4 miles from the same intersection.  There is an additional access point on Pine Hill Rd approx. 2.24 acre from the same intersection.


Brooks:                  Parcel features approximately 9,160 ft of Buffalo Brook and Reading Pond Brook frontage.


State Land:           Property adjoins to the Arthur Davis Wildlife Management Area in the southeast corner and the Camp Plymouth State Park along the southern border.


Services:                Internet, TV, and phone service are not available at this property.


Disclaimer:            The information on this page is provided as a courtesy and is for general reference only. This information may not be relied on and was created from many sources that may or may not contain errors or otherwise be reliable. Some information, especially measurements and costs are only    approximate. Taxes, utilities, zoning, state/local permits, construction costs, roads, associations, property condition, forestry plans, timber volumes/$, boundaries, surveys and all other data found here may and does change. All buyers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence and not rely only on this information. No responsibility will be assumed for decisions and offers made from this information.