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Migraine Relief

Okay, guys. I know we’ve all been looking forward to National Donut Day and that June is PRIDE month, but June is also National Migraine/Headache Awareness month.

I suffer from chronic headaches that frequently morph into migraines. I feel like I constantly have a headache even on my good days. I take prescriptions and over the counter medications to help alleviate the pain, but I worry about the toll they take on my body. I understand that I need some of that, but have been keeping my eye out for some alternatives. One of the alternatives that I’ve had some success with is Migraine Magick.

Migraine Magick is a 100% natural blend of essential oils and minerals that is doctor and dentist recommended to help manage migraines and other pains. It’s also advertised as a “high frequency tool,” but I’ll be honest….I don’t know what that means. I am familiar with using essential oils for symptom relief though and know it takes a little time to get acclimated. In the card included in the package, it said to give it two weeks of daily use in order to receive full benefits of the product. There are three options: the spray bottle for an overall mist over the area, the rollerball for pinpoint pain relief, and the intranasal spray for cluster headaches.

This product was sent to me for the purpose of a review by the creator, Lisa Erickson, after discussing my headaches and my desire for a more natural alternative for symptom management. She sent me a bottle of  Migraine Magick (spray) and the Migraine Eraser (rollerball) right before a get-a-way weekend with my husband. Thank goodness for it too!

Our weekend was not the best; due to a chaotic travel arrangement, unexpected surprises, and flaring allergies, this product definitely received a full testing. I took no other over the counter medications with me, just Migraine Magick. I sprayed my whole face and neck probably 3-5 times a day and it was instant relief. There’s a lovely cooling sensation that instantly cools the fire of any pains and the aroma relaxes the headache. My husband sprayed his shoulders to release the tension, but was a huge fan of the Migraine Eraser to roll directly on to his temples for his headache and around his nose for his sinus pain.

This product may have been the highlight of our trip! The Migraine Magick spray lives in my purse and my husband has taken the Migraine Eraser away from me. I have not replaced my prescriptions with Migraine Magick, but I’m taking significantly less (sometimes I don’t take any) over the counter medications for symptom relief. If you are looking for a natural way to manage your headache pain or any other pain, go to and place an order! It’s $50 for Migraine Magick and for the month of June you can get the Migraine Eraser for free.

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Love y’all!



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