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This agreement shall remain in effect for the period in which the participant is an active member of the Wissahickon Boys Lacrosse Club.  I agree to honor the following rules for Player Code of Conduct:



1.      Players will not engage in swearing or abusive language on the bench, on the field, or at any team function.

2.      Players will not engage in threatening gestures, actions or physical assault (e.g. fighting).  Such actions (verbal as in #1 above or physical) will not be tolerated and players will be subject to game and/or team suspension.

3.      Players will not argue with an official’s or coach’s decision. The player will treat officials and coaches respectfully, understanding that they will make favorable and unfavorable calls from time to time.  The player will accept decisions, regardless of the outcome, with control of actions, emotions and words. The coaching staff will handle all matters pertaining to officiating.

4.      Any player who receives a penalty will proceed immediately and directly to the penalty box without comment or gesturing.

5.      The player will conduct himself in a positive and supportive manner to teammates at all lacrosse practices, games, tournaments and team functions.

6.      Players will learn TEAMWORK, SPORTSMANSHIP, DISCIPLINE and RESPECT while playing for FUN. Be a TEAM PLAYER – get along with teammates. Appreciate and support the contribution each person makes to the team.

7.      Players will be on time to all practices and games.

8.      Players will be physically and mentally ready to work hard to improve skills and be of benefit to the team. Arrival time will be 45 minutes prior to the start of each game or tournament and allow 30 minutes prior to the start of each game and 10 minutes and the end of each game to be with your coach.

9.      Players will provide the coach with a 48 hour advance notice of upcoming tardiness or absences. Players will be dependable and make a good-faith attempt regarding unforeseen scheduling conflicts; if a game or tournament is missed without giving 48 hours advance notice, player MUST notify the coach 24 hours after the missed game or tournament.

10.  Players are responsible for learning the rules of the game and playing in accordance to them. Always be a good sport and set a good example.

11.  Players who violate this Code of Conduct or any action that is detrimental and not supportive to the team or Wissahickon Boys Lacrosse Club may be subject to termination from Wissahickon Boys Lacrosse Club without refund of monies paid and further explanation.



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