Laconia Little League

General Info on Umpiring





Safety, Safety, Safety


Common misconceptions


Speed of play





Umpire Priorities

  1. Fair/Foul; must be on the line to call; one umpire ONLY; no voice for fair
  2. Catch/no catch; indicate/call all catches, but be particularly loud and vocal on any where they may be doubt; one umpire ONLY; “I’ve got a catch” or “That’s a catch” (signal OUT), vs. “No Catch!” (signal safe)
  3. Everything else

Know who is responsible for a call – one umpire, one call; do NOT offer “help” on a call unless asked!


Timing, Timing, Timing


Infield Fly – must be catchable with “ordinary effort”.  Keep in mind there is no such thing as “ordinary effort” in minors and below!  Know whether infield fly is in effect before the pitch and indicate as such to your partner (usually finger to bill of hat, or fist to chest)


Plate Mechanics
















Field positioning (one base umpire)