TO:           USA Hockey Member Associations

FROM:     A.M. Montagna

RE:           USA Hockey Individual Player Awards – Patches


USA Hockey offers the following awards for its participants:

Hat Trick Patch – 3 goals in one game

Play Maker Patch – 3 assists in one game

Zero Patch – Goaltender Shutout


Players are entitled to one award per category. In effect, a player can receive each of the above awards, but not more than one of each. If a player has three Hat Tricks during the season for his team, he will receive one award.

When submitting your awards, please follow the following instructions:


·         Support each award with a copy of the score sheet showing the award. Both league and non-league games count.


·         Send two summaries of all awards with the name, address & phone number to whom they should be returned. One summary will be returned with the patches. I do not want to count each score sheet. The summary should have the total number of the Hat Trick Patches, Play Maker Patches, and Zero Patches you need. The supporting paperwork is the score sheet.


·         Please allow two weeks for receipt of your patches. It would help to tell me the last date you need the awards. If you wait until the last minute, you may not get them on time. If you need to supplement your original request it will not be a problem.


·         Mail the summary with supporting score sheets.  PLEASE HANDLE SEPARATELY FROM ANY REGISTRATION. PLEASE MARK THE ENVELOPE  “AWARDS” and mail to:







We realize the importance of these awards. Accordingly, we will make every attempt to satisfy all requests on a timely basis.