NYO COVID-19 Practice and Game Protocols


General Guidelines

1. As best possible, social distancing should always be practiced.

2. No player/coach/umpire/spectator should come to baseball/softball activities if they are displaying any symptoms of, or currently test positive for, COVID-19.

3. Coaches and umpires are required to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.

4. Players should wear masks when social distancing is not possible in the dugout/batting cages.

5. Players can wear masks if they prefer while in the field of play, as long as it does not put them at risk of injury.

6. Individuals who are immunocompromised should not come to the park.

7. Children under the age of 18 must be under the direct supervision of their parents; kids (not participating in a game) are not allowed to roam the park or engage in playtime activities during the games.

8. No pre-game baseball/softball activities are allowed, unless under the direct supervision of the coach.

9. Do not arrive at the park or exit your cars until 10-minutes prior to the start of your team activity

10. All players, coaches and family members must immediately leave the park following the conclusion of their game/practice

11. All fields will be locked and access strictly limited to sanctioned and scheduled NYO activities only

12. All press boxes will be closed and off limits.

13. Pavilions will be closed and the picnic tables will be off limits.

14. Dugouts & dugout benches will be extended to allow social distancing.

15. No shared equipment.

16. No shared water coolers or drinks of any kind.

17. No shared food/team snacks.

18. No sunflower seeds.

19. No spitting.

20. No chewing gum

21. All equipment (baseball buckets, tees, etc.) should be sanitized (Lysol/Chlorox) at the conclusion of each practice/game.

22. No socializing/gathering of any kind at baseball/softball facilities allowed outside of designated team practice/game schedule.

23. Families are encouraged to take home any trash and all other items they bring with them.

24. Families are encouraged to bring their own seating and to sit together.

25. No ‘tailgating’ before, during or after games.












Practice Guidelines


Batting Cage Guidelines

1. Players and coaches are required to wear masks in the batting cages.

2. Social distancing should always be practiced around the batting cage areas.


Field Guidelines

1. Players and coaches should limit the number of players / coaches in dugouts at any one time.

2. Place bags/equipment a reasonable distance apart (try for 6 ft. even if some are outside of the dugout). Best to have half of the team place on 1st base line fence, the other half on 3rd base line fence.



1. All local and state guidelines will be followed for facilities and organized athletic events.

2. Meeting of umpire and coaches at the plate prior to start of game will adhere to social distancing guidelines.

3. Coaches will electronically exchange game lineups prior to start of game (email, text).

4. Each team will supply their own baseballs/softballs for in-play activity when their team is on defense. Replacement balls should be on hand and distributed to their respective player if a foul ball leaves the field of play. Umpires will not be responsible for keeping/distributing game balls.

5. Players will be spaced out according to social distancing guidelines when they are not in the field of play.

6. For kid pitch leagues, the home plate umpire will be positioned at a social distance behind the pitcher.

7. For coach pitch leagues, a catcher will not be deployed directly behind home plate. Rather, the player will be standing against the fence (1st base side in the event of a left-handed batter, 3rd base side in the event of a right-handed batter) and will be shielded by a coach/volunteer. After the ball has been put in play, the player may play the catchers position as if they were normally lined up behind home plate.

8. No post game handshakes.

9. No inner squad high fives, chest bumps, etc.

10. No post game speeches by coaches. Follow up with the team by way of email, text, video conference.

11. Post-game “Game balls” can only be distributed to player if first properly sanitized and with the permission of the player’s guardian.

12. All game balls will be cleaned between every half inning.



Use of Restrooms:

• NYO to mark the sidewalk w/ the appropriate “waiting spots” that are 6 feet apart.

• Facemasks will be required for all individuals entering the restroom