The Adhesive Revolution
Interior Design has Changed Forever

The Sustainable Choice

Self-proclaimed as the “Bag Man” directly relates to my being the Santa Claus of fabric and Interior design goodies. However, unlike the white bearded bearer of gifts clad in red, I carried bags filled with exotic diverse décor suprises. Instead of visiting those under the age of 12, I coveted the halls and doorways of interior designers and architects, even those on the naughty list. It has always been my principle to react with my customers on a personal level.

Years of  collecting degrees and qualifications in law, banking and finance in the UK , USA and Brazil it finally led me indirectly to the path of design. Travelling the world building amazing relationships with suppliers of the world’s finest décor products, I found one product so innovative. Innovative enough to spark a revolution.

Gone are the days where interior designers have but a small palette to choose from when it comes to realistic organic surface decorations and applications.

As children, decorating our own space with our own idea of what makes it look good has always fascinated us. Not just the looking good part, but the sticking it on part. That fascination has extended to the latest trend and advancements in adhesives, using safe nontoxic applications that transforms an ordinary surface to a  completely different look which is indestiguisheable from wood, marble, leather, fabric, concrete, stone and Japanesqe.
This revolution starts with REATEC a unique self adhesive product from Japan.

Reatec, an architectural film with a pressure sensitive-adhesive backing is available in over 1500 designs, textures and colours . It utilizes state of the art, multi-layer printing, and minute embossing, for an appearance that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Reatec application at the Discovery Building in Sandton

There are seven major benefits to these winds of change in the adhesive revolution, all of which are absolute game changers in the architecture and interior design industry.


The Adhesive Revolution

1. Selfie Stick (not for Instagram but for Adhesives)

The old days of installing wood panelling, heavy marble and concrete slabs, metallic sheets, bricks and expensive decorative finishes is history in this modern world as these were the only real options available. The game changer for The Adhesive Revolution is Reatec’s innovative self-adhesive film for cladding a diversity of designs to a myriad of surface types. An interior Designers dream come true!

2. Creativity is the name of the game

`At last designers and decorators can reach their full potential of creativity by reason of  Reatec’s  diverse application possibilities... Michelle was working in a shopping centre retail outlet whose owner boarded on the garish and wanted a mish mash of design and texture, all over walls, cupboards and pillars inside his shop. You can imagine his glee when he was presented with Reatec’s designs and all their different applications. He made it his duty to try and use as many as possible. And was able to!

3. Easy installs it

If you ever had the pleasure of trying to pick up a railway sleeper, your back would never allow you to hear the end of it. The same goes for wood, marble, stone, concrete. The end result looks grand but is a nightmare to install as a finishing and extremely expensive. Reatec’s realistic finishes are as easy to install as sleeper wood is heavy to carry. Reatec is as easy to install as vinyl wallpaper.

4. Green Piece

Leaving limited carbon footprints on this planet is what most aware and environmentally conscious companies and lay people try to achieve these days. Let’s face it, Earth doesn’t need more trees ripped from its cradle or raw materials scavenged from the depths of its bowls so that our kitchens look inviting. Reatec’s veneers do not contain wood, stone or leather, so we are not taking away from the environment when applying textured finishes to ergonomic interior ( and exterior) surfaces.

5. Waste not, wait not.

Buying a whole roll of ‘metallic’ wall adhesive when only half of it is needed, is a continuous issue in the Interior Designers world. The wasted materials and expense are an unnecessary burden. Cut lengths is what Reatec caters for available ex stock. And if you are in a hurry to finish off a project and only have 2 weeks till the promised completion delivery within 7-10 days is a God send.

6. Mess Factor

Bulldozers scraping away rubble and debris, dust getting into every nook and cranny leaves one with the same feeling as having to unpack after a lovely holiday. Tedious and messy. It really is a pleasure working with a product that reduces landfill waste by minimizing discarded millwork components. And another wonder of Reatec is that it is installed and repaired on-site, minimizing downtime and costs for both interior and exterior applications. The dream keeps coming true.

7. Changing your mind

This part is one of the best in The Adhesive Revolution. It’s really as simple as the heading suggests. You or your client can change your minds and don’t have to spin into a panic. A design and application change can happen just as quickly as snapping your fingers. Well, almost.

Also as part of the adhesive revolution is the self adhesive glass film with unique designs which can be applied to glass and windows not only affording privacy and UV protection but also adding to the ambience and décor of any internal space.

Medici is not only the exclusive distributor of the self adhesive Reatec and Glass Film for Africa but also has a unique protfolio of fabrics, leather. Vinyls, cork, wallpaper and wall coverings  and is also the exclusive distribtor of Fortuny lamps featured in the most exclusive homes and palaces worldwide.
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