Effective: March 5th, 2017

This Support is helping users to use our unique application, which aims at teaching people how to have fun with friends and families. 


Will you share my private information (like my e-mail address) with other members?

Your privacy and personal security are our top priorities at SocialGeneral. Any contributions you make will be associated with your display name (either a friendly name or a screen name), not your full name. We'll never expose your e-mail address, full name, mailing address, or other private information to any other member of SocialGeneral unless you include it in a review or forum post or to your friends.

What is considered fraud?

Visitors to SocialGeneral have the expectation that the site will provide them with unbiased reviews and content for accommodations, airlines, attractions, restaurants and other venues. Travelers who wish to share their personal experiences with the SocialGeneral community provide this content.

SocialGeneral is committed to ensuring the integrity of the content it collects and provides to its global community of travelers and businesses.

Any attempts to mislead, influence or impersonate a traveler is considered fraudulent, and is subject to penalties. This may include but is not limited to:

- Attempts by an owner or agent of a property to boost the reputation of a business by:

- Attempts to damage competitors by submitting reviews or any other type of content

What is my profile?

Your SocialCollective profile is a place for other SocialGeneral members to learn about you and your travel style. Information on this page is public and other SocialGeneral members can read it.

To see other members' public profiles, click on their screen names as they appear next to reviews, forum posts, or other contributions. Viewing their profiles will help you see if their travel tastes are similar to yours. 

Contacting Us

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