Here's a nice job I'm starting in a couple of weeks when the oak arrives.All straight lined, mitred joints, wax finish and to hang on the lady's living room wall My client would like the doors painted in a vibrant red colour - shade not decided yet.
Great looking project, although I wouldn't be brave enough to go for red and lime green!Will the TV need to be angled to view properly at all?
UPDATE Four days into starting this project and thought I'd post a few pictures so far.The design has slightly changed - main shelf is now going to be split-levelled and bottom right hand cupboard is now going to be hanging doors instead of sliding.
Here are pics of finished job My client is extremely happy with the work, the design and how it fills the room with a presence of its own. The doorway to Dalmatia is wide open: from 1 May (until 20 September), British Airways will fly twice per week from Heathrow direct to the regional capital, Split. The annual Sudamja festival features a cross-town procession and a mass, before dispersing into a series of lively street parties. The festival has earned a reputation as one of the best in the world for jazz, but it has also boasted big names across genres, from Ziggy Marley to this year’s headliner, Robin Thicke.
For epicures there’s the Czech Beer Festival (7-23 May) and the Prague Food Festival (29-31 May), which are fantastic opportunities to quaff fine local produce. Back in the city, watch a spectacular performance of the Ramayana Ballet, take in a traditional Javanese shadow puppet show and visit the 18th-century ruins of a vast pleasure palace built by Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. Challenging the 122-year-old steam engine as it chugs up the slopes might seem a bit like racing your grandmother. If you make it to the summit, prepare to be rewarded with spectacular views of the district’s famous Wolfgangsee, and get inspired to explore the 76 lakes and countless trails that picturesque Salzkammergut has on offer. Home to surfers, climbers, swimmers, scientists and even a US President, Oahu is an adventurer’s Eden.
We head to Spain to witness one of its most spectacular events: Las Fallas - a massive gunpowder-laced, fire festival where larger-than-life sculptures are built, burnt and then brushed into the bin.

I've had to remake a surround to get around that problem before.Thanks Matt Yes, my client and me are having another meeting on site when she returns from France to have a chat about exactly that. One comment, wouldn't it be easier to paint the mdf backs before assembly?Yes, I haven't fixed the backs yet.
2 questions, your 45 degree joints how do you join them( I have never joined at 45 degrees as my machinery is not 100 % accurate at cutting )? From jazz festivals in St Lucia to religious pilgrimages in Indonesia, we round up our top picks for a May getaway. Experience an alternative a cappella tradition with some Dalmatian klapa music, try your luck in a tombola raffle, or buy a wood-carved souvenir from one of the many craftsmen peddling their wares (St Domnius is also the patron saint of woodwork). Visitors can also sate their culture cravings with the Prague Spring International Music Festival (12 May - 3 June), Prague Fringe Festival (22-30 May) and recently revived celebration of St John’s Navalis (15 May), which transports the city back to baroque times with music and fireworks. Prague’s World Roma Festival (24-30 May) shines a rare light on an oft-overlooked culture, with performances and more by some of the best Roma artists internationally.
Here, you can find tranquillity in their rhythmic chanting and watch as lanterns, symbols of universal enlightenment, are released towards the full moon.
This month, the island will draw athletes from around the archipelago with the Honolulu Triathlon (17 May), held in the capital city. Hike the three perilous peeks of Waianae ridge, tour the island by ATV or helicopter, shark dive, scuba dive, or skydive. That said, I'm guessing that the cost of living is less in SA than here.After the (slightly) awkward start, welcome to the forum. Where you joint timber for table top etc I note you join flat ends do you use biscuits or just glue. Where you joint timber for table top etc I note you join flat ends do you use biscuits or just glue.Hi David - thanks.

Am I the only one who can see problems with solid slabs of flat-sawn oak for the doors as well as having a mitred border to quite a large solid oak centre behind the TV? May sees the city reinvigorated with a packed schedule of festivals that will quench your cravings for high and low culture alike. On Vesak Day (4 May), Buddhist devotees will flock to the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta to celebrate the birth, death and enlightenment of Buddha at the nearby Borobudur Temple. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission, click here for information on Columbus Content Solutions. I tried a dry assembly on the lower mitre joint of the spilt level shelf and all is good - just a slight adjustment tomorrow. But here you can see the split level shelf as one, with the right hand upright piece in place, although without its doors. And not forgetting, this work is going to be hung on a wall - approx 150-200mm from floor level Thanks for looking. The idea of mixing traditional methods in a straight line contemporary piece and allowing it to mature naturally (as a piece) was always a part of the long term plan. Some of the timber had a slight dish and so I clamped middle spread of joint on glue assembly.All the jointed boards are simply butt and glue - no biscuits.

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