The Northeast Utility Servery Project was awarded to us in 2011 due to our expertise in custom architectural millwork and our competitive bid price. The owners and Architects were so pleased with the work that was done, they later asked Zavarella Woodworking, Inc. In questo articolo si parla di assisi, claudio ricci, cronaca, lutto, morte, padre salvatore zavarella, scomparsa.
We Disclaim Any Responsibility To Maintain The Confidentiality Of Any Information Transmitted To LGP By Internet Email. This project was worth over 30 million dollars to the State of Connecticut, and lasted over 2 years.

In ogni persona risiede un valore unico, una meraviglia che va messa in luce per l’edificazione del bene. All millwork was custom designed with stainless steel standoff legs to allow ease of cleaning after food serving takes place. The entrance to the library consists of a radiused maple wall panel with both vertical and horizontal maple reveals.
Overall the project finished with a custom unique look while allowing for high functionality for kitchen staff and customers. They were templated and cut on compound miter and radiused to intersect with the entrance way.

The details this project consisted of were very complicated to fabricate, but in the end turned out perfect.

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