The Woodworking Show is massive learning and shopping event that travels to different cities every week from January to March of every year. Updated information and show details for individual cities is available via the Woodworking Shows’ website.
There are always neat things to see and do, regardless of your level of woodworking experience.
One of my favorite stops is always the Woodpeckers booth, which is manned by Kathy, the owner’s wife.

I went last year to the show in Pomona and enjoyed it, but not as much as Woodworking In America show in Pasadena. New Porter Cable Cordless Nailers Keo Countersink Drill Bits InstaCrate Collapsible Storage Bins Why Won't Power Tool Brands Standardize Their Battery Packs? The woodworking shows homepage, Woodworking is a trade at the root of our country, a form of art that allows women and men alike to express themselves in both a functional and beautiful way. There are new tools to preview, workshops to attend, discussions to watch, and tons of things to buy.

Some of the exhibitors (at least one) will credit you the ticket price if you buy a certain amount of products at their stands. You don’t have to be an advanced or professional woodworker to benefit from the show.

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