An artisan by avocation, Leland Frerichs not only figured out a practical way to make the most of the wall space in his shop, but also make it look spectacular. Mackinac Island sits at a stratigic point in the Great Lakes at the confluence of Lakes Michigan and Huron.  The island has seen periods as native American sacred ground, stratigic colonial fort, fur trading post and fishing village.
Susan and I had a great day on the island and safe trip back home.  We covered a total of 5,785 miles in the RV and visited friends and family in eight different cities along the way.  Thanks to all who made this an amazing journey!
This wooden sailboat is missing its keel and will be caulked and painted when the hull is done.  It was great being in a woodworking shop after being on the road so long.
For you woodworkers who plan to visit Mackinac Island, Emory’s shop is located in the top of this building with doors that open up to an amazing view of the bay. We recommend the carriage tour to get aquainted with the island, but if you have a choice of seats we would suggest you not grab the seats at the front.  Here is the view. We enjoyed the 8 mile trip around the island on the only state highway that has no autos.  Susan has made a fashion statement with her jean rollups.

1,691 miles after leaving Calgary we have finally exited Canada thorough the bridge at Sault Ste.
Our drive though lake country did cause us to conclude that moose in Ontario must be literate.  They must have read the many signs warning of moose on the highway and stayed completely out of sight.
After a brief stop-over in a Tim Hortons’s detox center(I got addicted to their coffee) we headed for Mackinac Island, MI. It rained pretty heavily during much of our lake shore drive so I never could capture the blueness of the water in my photographs.
We enjoyed watching this father fishing with his kids in Ignace…well the dad was trying to fish while the kids were eating crackers. The ink pots were pools of spring water in which you could see waves of mud slowly rolling up cone shaped circles from the bottom, leaving the blue tinted water undisturbed. View of the mountains from upper Johnston Canyon.  Some of the snow you can see through the clouds was fresh from the day of our hike.

Cabinwoodworker remote reporting vehicle hidden by tall grass.  We pulled off the highway onto a gravel road and had a great lunch on the prairie. View of the endless rolling prairie.  What looks like a mirage in the distance is one of many shallow lakes we saw.
Many gave their lives to allow our prairie passage.  It must be white butterfly season in Saskatchewan. Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site.

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