By selling direct to our customers, we do not have to factor in a resale discount which would apply if we were selling through distributors. We buy direct from our suppliers, with no distributor involved and are effectively wholesaling these machines to you, the customer. These quality machines are just as good as higher priced, but similar specification machines you may have come accross on the market - the only difference is our price. We'd love you to see for yourself - our showroom is open throughout the week and you're welcome to inspect our bandsaws in person.
This machine is the result of design combining high frequency medium heating technology and vacuum cryogenic dehydration technology, greatly reduced drying time. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

This equipment adopts PLC programming control, drying chamber equipped with 80mm thick thermal insulating layer and inside & outside two sets stainless steel condensation system, it is more convenient to choose lumber drying procedure and applicable for drying all kinds of wood.
The main control valve adopts pneumatic valve technology, this technology have advantages like steady, long serve life and low failure rate. A biscuit jointer creates two slots which are crescent shaped in the two pieces of wood and then uses a biscuit or a flat piece of compressed wood in an elliptical shape to bring both together.
The main advantage of our wood drying equipment: short drying cycle, super quality, cost effective and eco-friendly. The biscuit is slathered in glue before it is inserted into the slots and as the glue dries, the biscuit expands, making the joint very firm.

If the wood pieces are long, there can be more than one biscuit joint used to hold the two together. The biscuit jointer is suitable for milling slots for shadow joint connections in compact wood, plywood and chip boards. It serves edge connections for manufacturing properly matching, firm and safe wood joints with Lamellos, e.g.

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