After you read the story below, be sure to download your own copy of my plans the way I built it. It was housed in a shopmade melamine cabinet I built originally for a vending machine stand. A reader pointed out that it would be helpful to understand the use of dados in the project. The red arrows in the image below indicate dado joints that hold the entire structure together. Fitting requires two short rabbets in the tops of the sides, long enough to accommodate the cleat width, but definitely not running the entire depth of the cabinet. Buy your electric switch before scribing the center for the side hole in the chase compartment. I really worked carefully to get the maple top edging flush and tight by using a biscuit jointer.
After a few weeks of use, I made an optional fence wing with a T-slot in the laminate face for a hardwood stop block.
Clear paste wax to the lift plate, as recommended by Woodpecker, and to all laminate surfaces as well.
I've read numerous threads about people wanting to mount the 1010 in a table so thought I'd chirp in with what I did. Festool USA does not pre-approve the contents of this website nor endorse the application or use of any Festool product in any way other than in the manner described in the Festool Instruction Manual.
I was looking to avoid lots of screwing, and the base screws aren't long enough so I'd need another set. Woodpeckers Premium Router Table Packages include everything a woodworker needs for making virtually any woodworking project.
These Precision Router Lifts represent almost ten years of lift building experience and include the best patented features from all their other router lifts.

The 36" long Super Fence features a 4" tall extruded aluminum, variable throat, offset adjustable front face.
This package also includes a powder coated 14 gauge steel Router Table Stand which supports the table with six braces and is vertically adjustable from 36" to 42". I finally got a new Digital Camera so I could post some pictures of the Router Table I built from the New Yankee Workshop Plans. If I could ever finish working on my shop, maybe I could find the time to start working in my shop. Every time I see a NYW Router Table I'm amazed at the limitless variations in the final design. Money is simply the marker used as tools move thru the galaxy to their best-use destination. Then a threw togeather a rough stand for it so I could use it for another project and I never got around to building the cabinet.
That dust collector change was one of the improvements Norm added to his 2004 design upgrade. Be careful not to cut the cleat rabbet in the side piece too long, or you'll reduce the amount of adhesion surface for the guide. Doing so allowed me to place the switch where it's comfortable and the cables are unobtrusive. Some of the most noteworthy features include a quick lift mechanism which makes raising the router to any coarse position or to bit changing height lighting-fast with no cranking. This new offsetable fence is self-squaring making it very easy to micro-adjust while staying perfectly parallel. They love to be held and talked to, but if you press the wrong buttons you'll get disconnected! Several years back I built my Norm tabletop and fence, mounted a Benchdog lift and a PC 7518 in it.

Your router table drawers will fit better if you insure that the inside width at the top matches that of the bottom. These packages are complete with the 36" Single Offset SuperFence, 24" x 32" or 27" x 43" Premium Router Table, Adjustable Steel Router Table Stand, Wheel Kit and the newest, top-of-the-line V2 Precision Router Lift. Feather boards attach to any of the three front T-slots and can even straddle a sacrificial wooden fence through the use of the feather board track which adjusts to a variety of board thicknesses. Since I swapped out the 1010 for the 1400 I've gone a little further and used the hard fiber base runner as a drill guide and made a pair of mounting holes to securely attach the 1400 without removing anything.
Each lift includes three Twist Lock rings, spring loaded lift wrench, spanner wrench and a steel starting pin.
I removed the side foot and used a small kreg clamp ($5) over the bracket mount and a woodpecker aluminum track stop on the other side, though two kreg clamps will do as well. The two empty, outer 6m tapped holes in the 1400 base make a perfect router plate mounting. Other then those things it went pretty good and I am happy with it since it is the first bigger project I have done. Once I got the runner base aligned to the plate, I marked and drilled the holes in the mounting plate, put a countersink in there and added the two 6m 20 screws to secure the plate to the router. Holds really well and is perfectly aligned to the plate hole for zero clearance or bush guides via the router plate inserts.
The 6m screws are plenty big enough to hold the thing together and now I can throw the 1400 in either of my tables in next to no time.Takes about 30 seconds to fit or remove the router for hand or table use without modification.

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