Personally, I think there are really two underlying reasons why Woodpeckers’ quality is so excellent and so consistently excellent.
The second reason I think that Woodpeckers’ quality is so good is that they do an awful lot of woodworking shows. The only real test for tool quality is what the user thinks of the tool and Woodpeckers goes to a huge amount of time and trouble to really listen to their customers. Plus Additional Savings: Save 10% off on this item through Monday April 4 with coupon code goodbyemarch at checkout. The precision router lifts are heavy so that they do not shake, shimmy or otherwise move in odd directions. Because these router lifts are so solid, so well engineered and built you can very, very easily make adjustments as small as (0.002”) two thousandths of an inch. This new router lift features the proven robust construction of the Precision Router Lift combined with the near instant elevation changes of the Quick Lift. With a newly designed spring-assist lift wrench, you can go from routing height to bit changing height in 2 seconds even when lifting the heaviest of routers.
Includes 3 TWIST LOCK molded rings, spanner wrench, starting pin, and router mounting hardware.
I've always liked Woodpecker tools - they're well thought out, well made, and made in the US. Yup, I've often wanted a PRLv2 for my table, but since I have a Bosch 1617, it doesn't lift it enough for above-table bit changes (so what's the point).
It looks like this version got rid of the microadjust wheel replacing it with the crank handle. Some of you may be interested to know, especially Paul, that above the table bit changes are possible with the v2 lift while using the Bosch 1617 router.
There are thousands of reasons why you should buy woodpeckers wood router tables and other tools. We contacted Woodpeckers and Justin, the vice president, said that he would give us a set of the new plastic clamps free because the old aluminum flip stops weren’t available any more. The customer, who is a really nice guy as most woodworkers are, thought that was a pretty cool deal.
Woodpeckers Premium Router put over Packages include everything antiophthalmic factor woodworker inevitably for making virtually any woodworking project.

Shopwoodpeckers Your source for Woodpeckers mensuration & layout tools rules squares woodpecker router table triangles router lifts router tables exercise press tables fences and. Sword leg hardening for your router These new router shelve stands are adjustable to set your tabularize height from xxxvi to. This entry was tagged woodpecker router table, woodpecker router table dust collection, woodpecker router table fence, woodpecker router table insert, woodpecker router table lift. Without a doubt, turning your router upside down and dropping it in a table is the best way to get the most from your router. The Woodpeckers LE Router Table Fence carries out those tasks simply, effectively and without getting overly complicated. This Woodpecker's Router Table Package features premium components for the discerning woodworker. This package is complete with the 36” Single Offset Super Fence, new 24” x 32” Phenolic Router Table, Adjustable Steel Router Table Stand, Wheel Kit and the top-of-the-line V2 Precision Router Lift. The V2 Precision Router Lift represents almost ten years of lift building experience and includes a multitude of patented features.
1", 2-5⁄8" and a Step Ring, spring loaded lift wrench, spanner wrench and a steel starting pin. The 36” long Single Offset Super Fence features a 4” tall extruded aluminum, variable throat, offset adjustable front face. They have an engineering mentality and they want to make sure that everything is right every time. This means they go out to the show, put their products on display and listen to woodworkers.  They listen to woodworkers that have already bought their products and they listen to the woodworkers that are thinking about buying your products. This improvement eliminates the need for a crank handle to make fine router bit height adjustments. I don't have a router table, but I saw that Woodpecker has come out with a new router lift - it has a crank that can go on the side of the table.
I did it several times today throughout the process of building a few raised panel drawer fronts. We contacted our customer and told him that the aluminum flip stops were not available anymore.
Or if you are looking at for a quick and loose router table system to get you up and working on your project correctly by take from single of our many Router Woodpeckers now offers a fresh and improved.

Each router fence includes two melamine coated MDF zero-clearance fences which not only have engraved scales for setting bit height and stops, but are also perfect for routing to the bit profile to eliminate tear-out. It includes everything a woodworker needs for making virtually any woodworking project a success (router motor not included).
The Super Fence has a very unique built-in self squaring out feed fence that makes it easy to micro-adjust the front face alignment while staying perfectly parallel. This really shows in both the excellent quality and in the fact that the excellent quality is their time after time after time.
When combined with the ability to make near instant coarse height adjustments, you’ll quickly discover just how easy table mounted routing can be. I bought the larger motor pads (350) for the Bosch router, thinking that I would upgrade to the big PC router when I aquired more funds.
They had been replaced by superior plastic flip stops and that we would give him a set free if he wanted them. For Router Tables Router Lifts Router Bits Precision Squares Fine Woodworking Tools Bessey Clamps Kreg Tools and all Incra Products. The Woodpeckers Premium Router Table package featuring the Side Winder 420 Router Lift and Super Fence. To aid proper air flow and chip evacuation, the end caps have slots to help wash chips up and out of the routing area. Feather boards attach to any of the three front t-slots and can even straddle a sacrificial wooden fence through the use of the feather board track which adjusts to a variety of board thicknesses.
When changing bits, the smaller wrench (for the spindle) needs to be angled upward somewhat, but it does work, and it's a good grip. Woodpeckers PRP 2 agio Router postpone Package includes everything woodpeckers router table a woodworker needs for making virtually any woodworking project. A fence guides your work in a straight line, sets the amount of material to remove and can serve as a dust collection point.
FWIW, I'm not associated with Woodpeckers, and I don't mean to totally refute what is printed in their literature, but on my set-up, it works.

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