I don't know a lot about it, but here is a nicely retro metal mechanical toy -- part of a new line. For a limited time, Cabaret Mechanical Theatre is offering a free download of an eighteen page booklet by Paul Spooner. Paul describes and illustrates the basic mechanisms he uses in his machines, Cranks, Cams, Levers, Ratchets and Gears.
The booklet is available for free until until 30th September 2010 and will be a very affordable ?2 (just a little over $3 USD) from 1st October 2010.
It's getting to be that time of year again, when I young man's fancy turns to thoughts of scaring the crap out of people with motorized monsters. The Grim Reaper's 4' wingspan automatically flaps and his sunken eyes illuminate with an ominous glow whenever it detects sounds. Here is where  you can watch a short video of this mechanical flying winged Grim Reaper prop. Would you believe this is the first rolling-ball machine that the maker, Ed Zbik, has ever made? Here is a top-of-the-line desktop toy: a metal Ferris wheel model, powered by a small Stirling engine. The Stirling engine's flywheels are connected by a rubber band to four flywheels on the Ferris wheel, powering its rotation. The objects were made by Vicktor Plotnikov, russian artist, the co-creator of the popular Snow Show, and the creator of the theatre 'White goat', which were popular in countries all over the world. Carly and Martin wrote to tell me about 30 students from Newtons Walk school who used hard work and imagination to build two very large automata.
Check out this wood automaton made by Guy Francis, a full-time illustrator who lives in Provo, Utah, United States.
Most of the movements, the strumming, head turning, and banjo movement are controlled by a bunch of cams on the crankshaft. The clever folks over at Cabaret Mechanical Theatre have a very exciting new product bundle for anyone interested in starting to make their own automata: the Deluxe Designing Automata Kit.
Check out these cool sketches and 3D renderings of a design for a hand-cranked orchestra automaton.
The Animated Mechanical Toys product family is inspired by an orchestra band with configurable figures and mechanics. Here's a web page featuring additional images of the configurable animated mechanical orchestra toy. A steel ball (about 2.7 inch diameter, 20 pound) is rolling on an aluminum track, about 25 inches in diameter, placed horizontally. From Rodney Peppe the author of the outstanding books Automata and Mechanical Toys, Making Mechanical Toys, and Toys and Models: A Sourcebook of Ideas comes this small volume on how to make 10 different paper toys of your own.
The book includes details on tumbling acrobats, jumping clowns and revolving pyramids amongst other ideas.

I hesitate to post about two things in a row with 'Steampunk' in the title, but this little bot is too cool to pass up. If you aren't up for building the bristle bot show in the instructable, you might consider the book Invasion of the Bristlebots (below) which comes with two electric bristlebots.
Invasion of the Bristlebots comes with two mini-robots — basically motorized toothbrush heads. You probably know that Adult Ed is on winter break right now, but people are already asking when the winter term schedule is coming out so they can start planning which classes to enroll in come January. All you need is Adobe Reader 5.0 or later to view and print pages from the PDF ePlan download. Here’s an idea – cut and sand all the pieces, then give as a gift with a set of non-toxic acrylic paints and some woodglue! There is an exploded view of one of Paul's machines, 'Bad News' and then a complete project to make yourself out of card, called the 'Bad Babysitter'.
It has posable arms and a skeletal visage that peer out of a hooded black tunic that has the tatter one would expect in a garment that's been worn to escort millions of deceased souls to the afterlife. Made in Germany, the kit's parts are made from machine tooled solid brass, stainless steel, and aluminum components on a walnut stained wood base.
The model is made of plastic and snaps together (it's from the makers of Snap Circuits actually), so requires no special tools and is probably good for first-time builders -- or those who like immediate gratification. The video above shows the sculptures in action at an exhibition of pupils work, at Quad in Derby, UK.
Made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and plywood, the modules are interchangeable and can be connected in a variety of combinations.
The kit includes a hand-picked selection of items to get you started with automata-making -- some of which you cannot get elsewhere.
How to Make Automata DVD (NTSC or PAL), featuring Keith Newstead teaching you how to understand mechanisms. Cabaret Mechanical Movement – Their 1998 classic which covers all the basic mechanisms with specific references to CMT automata. The AMT can be configured into different performers including a violin player, a flute player, and a bass player.
Three pendulums, about 45 inches long with tunable weights at the lower end, controls three horse-shoe magnets that the steel ball has to pass by on the track. A color-changing LED lights the interior under the crystal ball, but its effect is not noticeable on video.
The reader is given illustrations and photographs to help with the construction of each toy, and a list of the materials which are required.
To address this challenge, I've started a page that lists some resources for automata and mechanical toy plans for those interested in making their own. This bristlebot uses an a wind-up spring-driven motor with an attached offset weight to make the little creature skitter around any flat surface.

These guys zoom around like caffeinated cockroaches, spinning, skittering, and bouncing off walls. The creator of this metal arachnid is trained as ceramicist and has been working with mixed media for the last ten years. Here's another book by the same authors, Jeff and Jennie Loader, called Making Wooden Toys & Games. You can check out the entire list when The Adult Ed Winter 2008 Schedule of Classes becomes available in December.
Well, either way for $30, this animatronic Grim Reaper looks like a nice effect at a good price.
The three-dimensional Grim Reaper hangs from a wall or eave with the included fishing line. It comes with an informative manual that explains how Leonardo's invention has evolved into the modern tank. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I think its popping up and down makes me smile the most.
This book looks like a remedy for that situation; it is specifically written for woodcarvers.
The toys themselves should provide hours of fun to use and play with once they have been constructed, and Rodney Peppe makes further suggestions for toys should children ever tire of the numerous ideas in this book. This one shows how to make 19 wooden toy projects including a medieval castle, an acrobat, a magical trunk and an articulated truck.
In addition to the varying number of figures on the box, the stage could expand by connecting multiple boxes together to make a bigger band. The book also offers guidance on construction, materials, tools, techniques, painting and finishing. All the raw materials needed to manufacture the toys are furnished for the small, optional fee of $5. The PDF ePlan set includes exploded views, assembly photos and step-by-step detailed instructions.
It's not terribly loud or "banjo" sounding, but I did tune it to real notes and everything and it plays. It can allow the figures to move on different axis and thus allow different speed of movement. You may notice that the "future" can sometimes appear hazy — often falling between two symbols — a side-effect of the mechanism, which uses no gears or pulleys, and none of the moving parts are connected to each other.

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