I promised to work a little more on the wooden hinges, to see how I could improve the form, the shape, their appearance.
The rounded and lightly lifting distal edges provide a nice shadow line on the lid and on the back of the box – a pleasing, subtle effect. To be safe, I rounded over the bottom edge or the lid, along the edge where the hinges attach. Is there cause for concern that the lid will drag on the box if the edge is not chamfered or rounded over?
Is the location of the hinge pin responsible for the lid lifting cleanly, as we see in the video? If someone fully understands the mechanics involved with this hinge design, please share it in the Comments section. I do recall, however, that the matter pivots upon the placement of the tangent created by an arc around the hinge point.
Leigh Industries introduces this new jig, designed specifically for use on the router table.

The Sandal Woods prie Dieu, or prayer kneeler: Place your order for a prie Dieu for you home altar. The Hello Bar is a simple notification bar that engages users and communicates a call to action. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. I will do a large-scale drawing, and use a compass to draw the arc, and a ruler to draw the tangent.
In this hinge configuration the lid lifts right off the box easily, without dragging on the edge of the box.
I didn’t want to create a disturbance by walking to the pencil sharpener during his lecture. As we have been around a longtime you can rest assured that any problems will be dealt with and that we wontjust disappear, which can be the case with some internet retailers. Alas, over time the chalk marks in my cheap newsprint notebook have faded and the math is no longer obvious.

If for some odd reason you have a pivot in front of the tangent point, there will be binding.
So, back to the drawing board I must go – but this time with a hinge pin, and a tangent.
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