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Then, why did you refuse so tell anything about distances of wholes and tuning at least?i»?keesa709: Thats a recorder not a flutei»?Lily Gerbitz: That is a wooden RECORDER!!!!!
But regardless of  its origin, the Native American flute is an important part of the musical and cultural heritage of native North America.  In today's society,  flute making as well as playing, has crossed multi-cultural lines and is enjoyed by people all over the world. A wind instrument uses a vibrating column of air inside the tube of the instrument to make a sound. Click here to view Send a Greeting - written on the Certificate - type your message (max 20 words) after inputting recipients name and occasion in the box below NOTE Sunday Papers incur A?20 surcharge.
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A lower pitch is created with a large volume of vibrating air; a higher pitch is created with a smaller volume of vibrating air. The bride bear holds a bouquet of white roses and wears a white veil and tiara of white roses. The rescue kilt includes a Handwriting Activity Workbook, over 300 structured exercises, handwriting pad with guidelines, recommended handwriting pen. There is a vast amount of information available on the INTERNET.     We try to be open-minded and respect all views, and we will not try to convince you to prescribe to any one point of view.

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The act refers to the  truth-in-advertising law that prohibits misrepresentation in the marketing of  Indian arts and crafts. The law applies to " All products must be marketed truthfully regarding the Indian heritage and tribal affiliation of the producers."   We always recommend purchasing  authentic Native American products when ever possible. However, there are many talented flute makers around the country with varied ethnic backgrounds. That being said, we will provide only basic information  about the native flute. This should be sufficient information to help you understand the general concept of the Native American Flute. It is not our intent to give you a lesson in flute crafting, or the history of the native flute.  Nor do we want to bore you with a lot of technical information, or overwhelm you with a lot of  wordy narrative. The instruments are played by vibrating the players lips on the mouthpiece and making a "raspberry" type of sound. By blowing this way, the player causes the vibration of an air column and can change the tone of the instrument. The two methods of flute construction are The Split or Two Piece Method, and The Single One Piece Method.    The traditional craftsman, as much as possible, tries to respect and remain true to the "old" authentic method of flute construction as they do when making other authentic Native American arts and crafts. This does not exclude the use of various hand tools, or the use of measuring tools. No two flute craftsmen make flutes that are based upon the same measurement because of the size difference of the individuals, if they use the arm, hand, and finger method. Also, because there were no written musical standards, note tuning would only be approximated, and exact uniform spacing and size of holes were not considered as important in making the "traditional" flute.  In constructing the flute, various materials was used.
Local wood was the primary source. Generally, the flute was made from two pieces of hollowed out wood bonded together with animal glue or tied together with animal skin. It is also the largest wind instrument and most often made of brass, but can be made of silver. Most will use modern hand and power tools such as the power saw, drill press, and the lathe.
Both construction methods are used; the single one piece of wood and the split two pieces of wood. If you do not pass this test, you MAY NOT play percussion.**?       The Snare Drum has a "head" on both the top and bottom of the drum.
After bonding, general carving or lathing is done to complete the internal air chamber bores, finger holes, and flue, depending upon their method of construction.
When the drum is struck with sticks, it stretches several metal strings on the bottom head (the "snares"), making a rattling sound.? (Listen)             The Bass Drum is a large drum that is set in a vertical position.
Each craftsman has his own preference for designs, measurements and dimensions, and other secrets on how to construct a native flute.
With the use of modern tools, many craftsmen keep with the more uniformly spaced and hole size that allows modern native styled flutes to be tuned in different keys. However, it is the minor pentatonic scale tunning that gives the native flute its distinctive sound. It is played with a large, padded mallet.? (Listen)               Timpani are sometimes called "kettle drums".
Unlike many drums, timpani can be tuned to an exact pitch.? (Listen)               The Triangle is a steel rod in the shape of a triangle.

The central issue is which method of construction is better suited for making a native flute. Basically, opponents of the split method state that the wood is more likely to crack or split because of the bonded pieces.
Its deep sound is made when it is struck in its center with a felt or leather covered mallet?.             The Cymbals are circular metal plates that make a crashing sound when they are struck together. Therefore, this type of flute is less durable and would make an undesirable instrument. A single piece style flute offers a much sturdier design and is less likely to crack or split because there are no bonded seams. It can be shaken or struck.?          The Woodblock is a rectangular piece of wood that has one or two slots cut into it. We have  seen older flutes that are still in very good condition, except for expected normal wear.
It is played by striking it with a drum stick or hard mallet.?          The Xylophone has wooden bars that are arranged like the keys on a piano and tubes under the bars that resonate the sound. Exposure to other conditions, such as climate conditions, excessive exposure to wet or dry conditions, abuse, type of wood, and improper care may contribute more to flute damage than the style of construction. It is struck with mallets.? (Listen)            The Chimes are tubular bells that are tuned to the pitches of a major scale. They are struck with a leather covered hammer.?           The Glockenspiel, or orchestra bells, is a set of tuned metal bars of different lengths that are arranged like a piano keyboard.
The instrument is struck with mallets?.             The Sleigh Bells are small bells that are attached to a strap or wooden rod. It was suggested that the type of wood, and more importantly,the quality of construction would be a better indicater of the durability and stability of any finished wooden item.  However, proper care can prevent a lot of damage. It is difficult to find top quality wood stock that has been properly cured and suitable for making flutes or any other wooden project, especially if you are looking for local wood. Properly cured wood takes months to fully cure. Unfortunately, this wood is usually in thin pieces and only useful in making split style flutes, and laminated pieces.    We make both styles of flutes and  see no definitive disadvantage or advantage with either style. Some players play the top notes, some players play the bottom notes. ?    Double Bar-The end of the music. Therefore, a flute made from any type of  wood can also crack, split, and warp, its just the nature of wood.  Therefore, there is no guarantee that a finished flute won't  crack, split, or warp.
For example, I have a very expensive flute (from a well know flute maker), 2001 model, single wood piece, that cracked  from the  flue to the mouth piece.  It cracked about a month after I received it. Usually, these words are written in Italian.??     Tenuto- A dash above or below a note that means to play the note in a long, connected style. Sometimes called "Legato."?      Tie- A curved line that connects two note of the same pitch. Usually, a tie connects notes across a bar line (last note of one measure, first note of the next measure). Tongue ONLY the first note of a tie.?       Time Signature- A number written like a fraction at the beginning of a piece (or section) of music. It indicates how many beats are in each measure and what kind of note receives one beat.?          Treble Clef- Symbol used to specify what the letter names of the lines and spaces on the staff are for higher sounding instruments.

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