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BathroomsWoodcraft provides elegant, custom options to reinvent your old bathroom affordably.
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The earlier you get started with your holiday shopping, the more likely you are to avoid the lineups and disappointments over unavailable sizes and colours. After shopping write down what you’ve purchased so you can feel the satisfaction of crossing some people off your list. The majority of cookie and square recipes freeze well and a little goodie box makes a very well received gift for a friend or hostess. You can also make this into a fun social evening by inviting a couple of friends over and each baking up a recipe.
To help you bake in style, we’re offering all holiday themed aprons and oven mitts at 25% off until December 3rd.
Below is one of our favourite recipes – simple, delicious, and with excellent presentation value !
If you love the tradition of sending holiday cards to family and friends, this it the time to get them done.

Put on your comfy clothes, get your cards and address list out, put on the kettle or pour yourself a wee dram, and write your heart out!
The little daily surprises in a thoughtfully compiled Advent calendar can be a fun and sentimental way to count down the exciting days until Christmas.
Our felt cone advent garlands can be filled with whatever treats you can imagine and can include non traditional things like a love note, a photo from a wonderful day spent together during the past year, a coupon for a back rub or a coupon to redeem to get out of a chore, even a wish for an adventure that you would like to go on together in the next year.
With all of the hustle and bustle around the season, these Advent “treats” can be a great way to reconnect with those most important to us.
Our Advent charm bracelets are on sale too – 25% off.  Packed in a jewellery  inspired box,  day one is a charm bracelet and the next 23 days are charms! Stay tuned as we’ll be offering you timely reminders of what needs to get accomplished and in-store discounts to help you get there! OK, my June reno update is a bit late –right in keeping with the expected finish date of our reno!  Yay!  It was estimated to be 3 months and we were prepared for 4 but now, with a few issues, it may very well creep into the fifth month! You know how they say that things happen in three’s?  Well our reno is living up to that old adage!  I won’t go in to the details.  They are all things that can be fixed, and the materials are bound to show up some time, so we shrug and carry on. At this point we are really seeing things take shape – the drywall is up, our fabulous trim that we had made to match our 1920’s main floor is complete, closet doors are on (both homemade and manufactured) and the paint colours have been chosen. Sconces – polished chrome backers with pebbled glass shades – sort of a beachy old world vibe. Bedroom – a feature wall with rough hewn horizontal pine planks painted white.  This will be where the head of the bed is placed with a high horizontal window overhead. Appliances – kept our old dishwasher cause it works like a dream, stainless double door Electrolux fridge, and Blue Star six burner gas range because this is one of the few ranges that have burners where the fire is delivered in a bulb shape to concentrate the heat under the pot versus most burners that have a firey outer ring that generally warms the sides the pot rather inefficiently. The dining room chandelier still eludes us.  Know of any chandeliers that incorporate weathered wood, cylindrical glass shades, and grey or black metal?
Father’s Day is this Sunday and we know Dad is special, so why not get him something that’s as unique as he is?

For Dad who likes to entertain – a boat shaped cooler or a book of Porch Party recipes.
For Dad who likes to travel – CityWalks tour cards for different neighbourhoods in fabulous cities. For Dad who appreciates fashion and function – a Tokyo Bay watch with leather strap and Japanese movements. For Dad who is always on the go – bike lights, mini screwdriver set and a beaver key chain bottle opener. For Dad who loves to play – retro games and toys like pick-up-sticks, tumbling blocks, juggling balls, and a harmonica. Once the wiring and plumbing were complete we had the entire upstairs sprayed with foam insulation.  This took two days to complete and required that we move out for two nights since it is not recommended to breathe in the fumes released in the process.  Not too bad to be displaced for the first time after 7 weeks of construction! In early February we started talking to contractors and in short order we had settled on Ryan Castelli Homes for our project. Our mantel now proudly displays our knife blocks, dog biscuits and dinner plates – of course! In the first hour of week two there was a hole in our roof that could fit five grown men shoulder to shoulder.  By the end of the day the dormer framing was built and tarped over. Then swap at the end of your baking extravaganza and presto, you each have a variety of cookies baked and ready to enjoy. And don’t dismiss them as being just for little kids – treat your sweetie to one customized just for him or her!
When you have a general idea of what your looking for for a number of recipients you are likely to spend less time backtracking to the same stores for subsequent purchases.

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