Woodcraft drew inspiration from the tool archives of the past, to design the all new Pinnacle Scrub Plane with easy-to-use features and added comfort. Traditionally, a scrub plane is used when you have to remove quite a bit of wood from the edge or surface of a board, yet not enough to rip with a saw, but still having a great deal to plane. After six months of research to find companies willing to take on such a task, we found that we could bring this American icon back and keep it in the USA at an affordable price offering of $169.99.

Three sets of prototypes were made, and we were able to keep costs down, thanks to the help of new 3D CAD technology capabilities.   We can honestly say this project has been a labor of love for hand tools.  It has not always been easy but that comes with the territory! The result is a superior quality sign of lasting beauty and durability of which you can be proud.
Our full-size pattern provides all the information you'll need to complete this darling project.

In addition, we wanted our new plane to have the same branding look as our WoodRiver planes.

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